By Anonymous - 06/10/2011 15:23 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend was asleep, I gave him a soft kiss and whispered how handsome and gentle he looked. His response, still asleep, was to roll over and let out a massive fart. FML
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in all fairness, he WAS asleep...

Awww he loves you too!


in all fairness, he WAS asleep...

I agree you probably do it too when you sleep.

hotPinklipstick 24

A person can't control what they do in their sleep. What were you expecting, for him to wake up from his peaceful sleep just to respond?

What is it you're trying to say, 17?

Awww isn't he just precious? c:

hotPinklipstick 24


hotPinklipstick 24

Sorry about 37, my iPhone has a mind of it's own...

It is kind of a rule. Everytime someone says something lovely to someone who is sleeping, the person sleeping will ruin that precious and peacefull moment by snoring real loud, hogging the sheets, or letting a very smelly and loud fart.

Get pooped on

1 thats what OP thinks.

Yep, let sleeping dogs lie.

Awww he loves you too!

Eggers 2

sleeping with your boyfriend (cough) keyword "boyfriend" he doesn't love you

Llama_Face89 33

40- so they're supposed to be fucking like rabbits 24/7? I'm assuming that's what you were insinuating. Sex isn't the only way to express love for a person. And it is necessary to sleep once in a while.

flockz 19

this is the first time i have ever imagined rabbits fucking. now i can't stop thinking about bugs bunny...

40 let me just say, op never said ANYTHING about sleeping WITH him she said he was sleeping who says they where sleeping together, or living together.

He just wanted to blow a kiss back!

Rabbits don't fuck 24/7, silly.

Best comment of the day! ^

53 I'm picturing a very strange mental image now.

125 I'm picturing bugs bunny having sex with the Tasmanian devil, while roasting a turkey made out of wax.

jellyshoes11 4

I agree with #1 I hate being bothered when I'm asleep.


thats a sexy guys way of saying thank you

Did you expect him to say "I love you too"?

xmayne 0

How did this post make it on here?

He DID say "I love you too" but it was in secret fart code which only guys can understand...

Egnar 19

He's asleep by YOUR OWN admission - what did you expect for him to do express his undying love for you through mumbles and sleep talking?. . .People do gross bodily things in their sleep, get over it.

hotPinklipstick 24

I don't see how this makes your life "fucked" a person can't control what they do in their sleep. What were you expecting, for him to wake up from his peaceful sleep just to respond??

In fart-language, that means "I love you too".

*Farts ferociously on Doortje's face*

It was probably Morse code. One long 'dash' means 'T', which doesn't make sense. You need to record it and slow it down 100x, then you will pick up the discrete dots and dashes that spell out an amazing love poem. Or not.

His farts were trying to communicate with her, but being female she just couldn't 'crack' the code.

Jujubilee 1

Lol! Do not disturb!!!

Your so handsome

My iPhone deleted most of my sentence :3 A thousand apologies.

her so handsome what?

Then what was the rest?!

Your so handsome