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Today, my acne reached a new low. Literally. I'm now getting bright red pimples on my penis. FML
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get to a doctor and get checked. that's probably not acne bro.

Agreed. Can't say I've ever heard of genital acne.

Severe acne can spread to any part of the body

Unfortunately that's actually possible if it's severe enough. By the sound of it, OP may have severe acne so this could happen.

Epickitty58 29

You can get acne anywhere and it's still acne. My mom told me that she once got a pimple on her vulva (the skin around the ******) and her gynecologist told her it was still a pimple. Skin is skin no matter where it is.

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you say unfortunately #18. I say lucky it's only ance.

I've gotten pimples on my vulva before. It's the worst. However I would recommend OP get it checked out.

It's possible I had it to when I was a teenager

iAmPaul 49

47 - How pretentious are you to think that people don't know what a vulva is? Like Jesus Christ woman it's basic knowledge.

To you, 88. Not everyone is so fortunate to do research past what bullshit they teach in public school Sex Ed.

iAmPaul 49

92 - No research is needed to know what a basic human body part is. It's ignorant to suppose otherwise.

#88/ #100 Do you know what an operculum is? The zygomatic arch? An ishial tuberosity? Canaliculi? All of these off the top of your head? No? Then shut up, not everyone remembers that one time they had a sex ed class and they were talking about parts they didn't even have.

88 not everyones native language is English you know some people might not know what it is

Actually, it is possible to get pimples on your genitals. Those suckers pop up anywhere. I've had a couple before, and they were not pleasant.

iAmPaul 49

101 & 103 - First off, yes I do know what those are, off the top. How arrogant of you to assume I don't. Secondly, a vulva is common knowledge, as much as a penis is. Lastly, if she hadn't explained what a vulva is and someone reading her comment didn't know what it was, this is the Internet, so they can easily look it up.

114, that stick is really far up your ass isn't it. Why do you care again?

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116 - I could literally say the same thing to you. You're completely irrelevant and your 2 cents only serve to illustrate your innate idiocy.

#118 is that one annoying ass "smart" kid at the front of the class.

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121 - Gratuitous ad hominem attack serving absolutely no purpose.

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I actually do get genital acne, it's a thing. Not so bad now that I know about it and can prevent it 95% of the time :)

I call BS Paul. I seriously doubt you know all those unless you just looked them up. (I suppose there is the very, very, very slim chance you have some knowledge in anatomy) Also, as for the ad hominem attack, you started it first saying someone is an idiot because they don't know what a vulva is. To then point it out when someone else says an ad hominem attack really makes you look hypocritical.

iAmPaul 49

137 - That's entirely false. You're incredibly pretentious and arrogant if you think it's SO highly unlikely that I would know those terms (which I do). About the ad hominem, no I did not start anything, nor did I call anyone an idiot for not knowing what a vulva is. I said it's pretentious to suppose that a hypothetical layman would not know what a vulva is. Next, 116 butted in with the remark that I must have a stick really far up my ass; so I retaliated by saying her irrelevant and unproductive drivel (which just so happens to also be an ad hominem) demonstrated her innate idiocy. Also, 121 graced us with another gratuitous ad hominem attack towards me, so I called him out on it. Regardless, even if I HAD started the ad hominems (which - let me reiterate - I did NOT, therefore not making me hypocritical), that is in no way a justification for someone to gratuitously insult me.

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149 - Nah, I'll leave you to do that yourself. You're just another irrelevant commenter ignoring previously made statements in favour of idiocy. You can go away now.

#150: *acts like he's better than everyone else* #150: *gets all his comments downvoted and buried*

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153 - Fallaciously implying votes mean anything other than a flagrant manifestation of a hive-mind pack mentality. You can go away too.

When I was like 13 I got a pimple (large) on my vaginal skin. Shit happens. (it was a pain)

That's something a little more serious...

Not necessarily I had it to when I was a teenager

you made your comment look as if you had syphilis too ....

Or maybe that's just common knowledge, #84?

CheshireHalli 19

@89: I think they're talking to the person who said they had it too, not you.

#99 look who the author is both times.... Its the same person

Do you shave down there? Could be an ingrown hair. Still, go see a doctor. For your and the next girl you sleep with sakes.

Yes, ON his penis. There's hair there.

0to100rq 6

Even if there is no hair there, I still shave on my penis. It helps cut away the sins of past misdeeds.

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Looks like your acne is gonna be the only thing getting on your dick for a while...

#12 I want to laugh even though that comment is a bit nauseating.

sophiilou 19

Literally thought the same thing hahaha

"Oh you came already" "that's not cum baby". Haha.

And that's a mental image that I will not forget

I have a feeling that's not pimples.

.......... Are you sure those are pimples??

Hopefully that's acne and not VD. Go to the doc bro!

You may want to go get that checked out.