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Today, my boyfriend and I were lying in bed together, and I was in a snuggly mood. I rolled over to gaze lovingly into his eyes and whisper sweet nothings to him in the darkness. His response? "Dear God! Did somebody fart in your mouth?!" FML
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damn, girl, brush yo teefs! |the kid|

mintcar 9

YDI for smelly breath. Although, he could've been a lot nicer about it.


I'm the first one to comment and oh yeah sorry FYL

You are pathetic. No one cares who posted first.

sweet I'm 10th. that matters way more than fourth

Sweet you're the eleventh which has nothing to do with the fourth.

haha your boyfriend is chill. go make him a sandwhich

mintcar 9

Clearly, the only number that matters is mine.

I think my number is better.. yup

damn, girl, brush yo teefs! |the kid|

yeah go brush your teeth, then go to the kitchen and make him a sandwhich!

I feel like I need a six pack to comment here, but what the hell....

no no pendatik. It's no the spelling he failed at, he just forgot the space. you know: "sand which?"

he coulda said worse :)

PYLrulz 17

47 - looks like you are having trouble

PYLrulz 17

Ok, the app froze on ke and gave me trouble, so I'll post this from safari 47 - looks like you are having trouble spelling s SAMMICH too

hahahhahaha #42

sourgirl101 28

Tired of the sandwich jokes already! Maybe it's the newbies that don't realize they are no longer funny!

sourgirl101 28

Tired of the sandwich jokes already! Maybe it's the newbies that don't realize they are no longer funny!

sourgirl101 28

Tired of the sandwich jokes already! Maybe it's the newbies that don't realize they are no longer funny!

haha brush your teeth!

sounds like you need a toofbrush. (yes, I'm aware I spelled toothbrush wrong, so stfu grammar nazis)

hey missbunny, if you took the time to say your aware of a typo then why didn't you fix it? or just leave it and later tell grammar Nazis to STFU. I'm starting to think you should quit trying to be cool.

ItzJarrin 0

Joe, it wasn't a typo....

DallasFreeSex 0



165, you're so idiotic. I'm really laughing my ass off at your stupidity. thank you for that.

sparklesbaby 0

Ahaha . That Juss Made My Day xD

At Joe: are you serious?!? Wow... You are RETARDED!!! Lmfao.

cross3 3

lmao ewwwww  gross brush ur teeth nd floss but umm fyl that must have sucked nd been embarrasing to hear 

jrsgreenfire257 0

Whats up with the emoticons? They dont make you coolI

A7X_LoVeee 10

I don't think he was trying to be cool..

matt1990 0

@55.. a7x blows. listen to real music

natas_fml 13

^Agreed, a7x is for pussies.

calm all of your tits guys. everyone has there preferences.

lol aren't you a pussy?

73 shut the hell up. go fucking fly a plane back into your cave where you belong. get your momma to make you some macaroni when you get there. *slings whip* yeah, bitch.

A7X_LoVeee 10

73 and 105 just because YOU don't like their music doesn't mean it sucks. Morons.

I think they're cool

cross3 3

yea dumb fuk who said i was trying to b cool?!? fkn retards now a days!!

weed and A7X sounds like a party!!


73 why do you care what music they listen to??

A7X has a few good songs, the rest make them sound like crying babies. It's really fucking terrible. But yes, it's just a preference. But really...what the fuck was with that music video where he releases white doves?

slushpup9696 12

129 owns.

...what now:)

cross3 3

191 nice lol 

Is there actually an argument going on here about freaking music? Doesn't anyone have anything better to do in their own time? And how about respecting other's feelings? Or were you raised in a freaking cave? Just because you don't like some random type of music, doesn't mean that suddenly the world should hate it.

AshlyNicole 0

ahahahahahaha omg FYL op but that's so funny!!

FMLoverAgain 7

hahahahaha hell yeah

hahahahaha yeah

mintcar 9

YDI for smelly breath. Although, he could've been a lot nicer about it.

mintcar 9

having a* Wow, all-nighter fail. I can't even out together a proper sentence and I have exam in 4 hours. FML.

mintcar 9

Put*** AHH!

have an* exam in 4 hours.

mintcar 9

No, I am almost positive I wrote "an. " FUCK?/&/(/(/KahsgsjasosshsgsHafahssj I fail now and I'll fail this Physics exam.

Why are most of the replys from u.

no pendatik from MINTCAR

mintcar 9

Tired and confusrd.

TinyDude 10

welcome back mint lolls

RedPillSucks 31

Hey mintcar. Drat. Now I've got to rotate to look at your profile pics again... :-( Good luck on your exam.

mintcar 9

Leave it to Pendatik to make me look bad. :) Thanks RPS. I don't think I did well though. :/ Thanks also Tiny Dude.

Tic tacs? Toothbrush? Mouthwash? Hmmm. Oh well. A for effort, amiright?

mismonroe 0

YDI, halitosis breath.

matt1990 0

ydi. your breath smells like poop. not his fault. would u wanna smell his breath if it smelled like poop? doubt it.

she wouldn't want to but I doubt she would tell him that way while he is saying sweet stuff to her :/

KyannPeppa 0

haha comedy

reply to him " No. but I think that someone farted in ur nose"

ShadyFTW1 0

It really is.

deeahrrrp. herp

Nashie 0

Well was that comeback meant to be funny? Because it wasn't.

haleykerr 0

haha I thought it was pretty funny :)

hahaha your an idiot.

you all fell for it.

Nashie 0

LOL I love how people fail like #116 did :D