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  MrSassypants  |  32

Also, we don't stay alive at the end, and when our death comes it isn't something awesome like giving your life to save the world. It turns out to be something like really high cholesterol. I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD! I'LL EVEN EAT A LOT OF CHEERIOS!

By  chocofudges94  |  8

If someone tried to wake me up when I was fully asleep, trying to be "cute" because they saw a movie, they'd have more than just their olfactory senses accosted...

  Joppik  |  9

Really? Comments on how this is apparently his fault? I don't really know about you obviously: maybe you get to have complete control of your body whilst you sleep. However the majority of people do not. If it said he was drooling would you say he had some other problem rather then just sleeping?