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Today, I woke up after a few friends came over last night. There are eggs, coins and Oreos glued to the ceiling, 10 broken jars, no food left, and most of the contents of my house are in the garden. And I'm naked and covered in permanent marker drawings of Pokémon. My parents return in an hour. FML
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Instead of writing an FML you could be cleaning! Priorities my friend


enonymous 8

Sounds like a quiet night with some friends ... little wine and some pictionary involved

Must be thinking wtf happened last night!

She can do it! If they can clean up the things after a party in movies it can definitely be done in real life!

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chell1894 13

Except there's always that one little thing they missed that gives it all away

44: Yeah because 37 was being totally real and wasn't being sarcastic in real life.

Seems you're wasting time posting a fml when you should be cleaning up!

What are you doing here on FML???!!! Go clean up that shit first and then come post it!!! Dad is going to be piiiiissed!!

Llama_Face89 33

It's time for the TEN SECOND TIDY!!!

jvillan87 5

Is it just me? Or are there two number 44s on here?

Don't forget the garden shed. There's a clown duct taped to the ceiling in there.

Seriously did you invite the "One Man Wolfpack." over?Why would you be naked???!?

okiidokii_fml 6
alejandratx 8

You deserve it!! But I'm guessing u had a awesome time(:

Won't be having such an awesome time when the parents return. But you deserve it. Be more responsible.

Llama_Face89 33

Responsibility is for the bored.

I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! You're a dumb@$$ for having a bunch of teenagers over to a party where they were gonna be drinking… Errr strike the "drinking" and replace it with "getting sh*t-faced drunk off their @$$es!" YDI FOOL! FYL for being a stupid teenager that only cares about getting drunk!

^Woah chill buddy!! Need some grass? I can hook you up...

84- They never said there would be drinking at the party, your argument is invalid.

RA661 8

Sounds to me like you better get cleaning.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Yeah, no sense in waisting time writing this on FML....stupid people, smh

Tell them the gravity in your house turned off. Or a tornado hit.

YEAH… That's gonna work! :: rolls eyes ::

All in under 1 hour... Sounds like a job for.. SuperMaid!

86 - i think you took his 'suggestion' a little too seriously

So put some clothes on,hide your skin, clean the place up, unstick the coins from the ceiling, go down to the 99 cents store, buy a couple things, go home and pretend nothing happened.

RockstarRN 10
cc_the_beast 6

Cocaines' a hell of a drug...

youngbuck10 9

That is actually a chappelle show reference.

AzKoldAzICE 3

Yea the family guy reference would have been meth is a hell of a drig

cc_the_beast 6

Love Chapelle (and family guy)...**** yo couch n***a!

Instead of writing an FML you could be cleaning! Priorities my friend

RockstarRN 10

I was thinking the same thing!

Hell no! He's going down no matter what. One hour left to continue the party!(:

SPD935 5

Sounds like one hell of a party. Gotta watch out for those damn roofies.

godbear 5

they needa change the name to floories

SPD935 5