By danii - Reserved
Today, I woke up after a few friends came over last night. There are eggs, coins and Oreos glued to the ceiling, 10 broken jars, no food left, and most of the contents of my house are in the garden. And I'm naked and covered in permanent marker drawings of Pokémon. My parents return in an hour. FML
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  deaper  |  15

I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! You're a [email protected]$$ for having a bunch of teenagers over to a party where they were gonna be drinking… Errr strike the "drinking" and replace it with "getting sh*t-faced drunk off their @$$es!" YDI FOOL! FYL for being a stupid teenager that only cares about getting drunk!

By  ollie179  |  21

So put some clothes on,hide your skin, clean the place up, unstick the coins from the ceiling, go down to the 99 cents store, buy a couple things, go home and pretend nothing happened.