By Funnymann - 22/01/2010 20:51 - United States

Today, I woke up with my face sharpied. I live alone. FML
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It was Jigglypuff

susieKiute 0

paranormal activity?


escapenowx 0

wow, lol I'd put cameras around my housee

JoshTheMaggot 8

idk WTF are camreas being since he said cameras so if you were trying to case on someone you fail sir. and as for the OP fyl you need a neighborhood watch and definitely some cameras

Ninjas don't appear on camera.

I have 3 camreas. WTF is wrong with you guys.

he probably "sleep drew" on his face LOL

pattywat 0

that sucks

instead of putting it on fml call the police. ?

Paranormal Activity.....

albert17 0

you have now entered... the twilight zone. do dunenu dunenu (my twilight zone music is weird)

pipp360 0

fuck the cameras, get a gun!!

x_ECHooo_x 0

97 Winss. Lol.

get a gun and shot them for drawling ong ur face??? stupid

Nice 97 love it

Check out and get some hidden cameras there now!

Are you named after a crab named Lucky? If so, I love the reference.

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susieKiute 0

paranormal activity?

Grey123 0


Paranormal Activity: College Addition

Paranormal immaturity: high school edition XD

Kevinmeowbeanz 22

damn prankster ghost

fyl what did it say!

Stop doing drugs man. And don't listen to the guy dressed up like a rabbit.

Twi_lover_EC 6

I would put an alarm system on my house. :/

mizzritter101 1

lol! i agree with this chicca!

Twi_lover_EC 6

LOL-"chicca" mizzritter101

Get back in the kitchen, you Twitard.

Haislipa 0

wow that's scary lol

LOLOLOL that really is scary but I laughed out loud for this one :)

AxCxDxDx 0

There's only one explanation, extra terrestrial writing experiments.

FistPump 0

I concur.

OP has to check their butt, surely they left some funny graffiti down there

An alien frat house got drunk and went cruising for Earthlings.

toxic10uhc 0

omg aqua teen hunger force??

It was Jigglypuff

trizdan 0


I miss the old episodes xD

omg! gengar! ^ win

p1ss3d0ff 0

lmaooo. aww, i remember jiggly puff =/ good ol' days.

#52, good one..=^P maybe one of your friends did it OP.


You are such a nerd.

jiiiiiiiggalllyyyypufffg jiiiiiiigallllyyyyyyy pufffffg

damn it jigglypuff! no one wants to hear you sing!!!