By Julia - 04/10/2011 03:22 - United States

Today, I was denied a waitressing job at a local diner I have been going to for years. Due to the fact that my name is Julia. They already have a waitress there named Julie. Apparently, I would "create too much confusion." FML
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Get her fired or find yourself a nickname.

Strange, perhaps that was just an excuse. After all, there are last names.


Get her fired or find yourself a nickname.

Those are both kinda extreme... Wouldn't you agree? Perhaps telling OP that her name is too similar was a nice excuse for not hiring her. I mean, they could have said quite a bit worse, you never know.

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Not really I work with two girls named renae... And I just use their last names...

What's wrong with a nickname? Of just an abbreviation? One could easily be Jules or Jill or 'Lia. You can call me Fifi if I get to pay the bills - and I'm a guy.

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#2a. They don't want to give one of their best customers the Employee Discount.

Just tell them they can use your old name, Bill, before you had that sex change. watch their jaws drop, and tell them you'll sue them for discrimination if they don't hire you. Problem solved

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That idea sounds fun actually

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Oh look, the comma's a period...

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FYL Julie. I mean, Julia, damn that would be hard XD

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That's weird, my girlfriends name is Julia

43- not really... Nicknames, middle names, last names or even just describing what they look like can go a long way toward making sure everyone knows who you're talking about. I work in a grocery store and we have 3 cashiers named Kim, 2 named Katie, and 2 named Nick but we manage not to get any of them mixed up.

Strange, perhaps that was just an excuse. After all, there are last names.

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it just reminds me if the movie "Julie and Julia"

"...but I say it just to reach you...Juuuuuuuuuuulia..."

It's mostly because they are idiots. Don't worry.

Actually, hiring a hitman would likely cost several weeks, if not months, of wages. Very little profit to be had using this suggested tactic.

How the hell do you know this, #18?...

25: GOOGLE Has everything you need to know about everything! >.

what is this google? a porno website?...

^Obviously not cause' I've never heard of it.

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Ya Julia is such a stupid name. So much more stupid than Julie.

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Is that even legal ? Not to hire someone cause of there name ?? That's crazy

You can be Thing 1, and she can be Thing 2. ;)

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I'm sorry, same thing happens to me when I wanted a job at Dollar General.

Your name is Julia? Your name is now Susan good luck with the job!

Pitiful excuse. They could just use your last name! FYL :(

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Employers are too picky and will say anything these days.