By adam - 03/02/2010 20:10 - France

Today, my mom woke me up and asked if I wanted breakfast. I had passed out naked on the kitchen floor after a party. FML
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Twilight avatar. #2 fail. Comments keep alternating. Hope it doesn't change back to LMA0.

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It did. I hope someone fixes it.

Haha weird! Definitely delete my comment! Fail compared to the sausage one! ;)

people actually think this douche aphrodite made a funny comment.. u guys ar sad

i wanna go to wanna these parties invite me

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Shit happens when you party naked!!!

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how do you even know it's a girl?? O.o

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roffies??????????? or if u like hangover.. groundies

ydi for not passing out wearing clothes

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wait what? that's so your fault

Yeah, be glad your mom was cool about it. Knowing my mom, I probably wouldn't have woken up at all.

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... ur lucky ur mom is chill. my mom would have grabbed a chair and stuck the leg up my ass

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it's only fun when you're expecting it

yah girls do like a huge piece of "wood" up their ass

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How many girls do you know named Adam?

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I agree, how is this an FML? If it were my mom I'd have woken up outside next to a pile of everything I own.

And I threw myself on the ground. I got booze in my system!

XD that was probably an awesome party. Your mom is cool, too.

Gettin' it on with the egg beaters. ;)

Cook bacon. Cooking bacon is not an approved pantsless activity.

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you can't unzipped ur jacket in ur kitchen while you're naked.

Sure you can. You just won't be wearing it. This makes me wonder…can you get dressed while your naked?

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you can, but then you'd no longer be naked

dang that sucks. never have parties unless ur parents r away for the weekend.

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what bout if he came naked from a party n passed out in the kitchen? xD