By Anonymous - 19/01/2013 23:35 - United Kingdom - Somerton

Today, I woke up following one of the worst nightmares of my life. I was sweating, clutching the sheets, and feeling sick to the stomach. I'd been dreaming of my wedding that's taking place next week. FML
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I would talk to your finance or somebody about this

Some people get cold feet. Sounds like you've been soaking yours in liquid nitrogen.


I would talk to your finance or somebody about this

laughtersplay 14

Everyone gets cold feet before their wedding. But yeah Op, you should talk to someone about it.

Good eye, 22. I didn't even notice 'til you pointed that out.

perdix 29

I'm taking #1's side on this. Divorce is freaking expensive, so the OP ought to talk to her "finance" about whether to go forward with this doomed venture, or cut her losses while she can. People need to listen to their subconscious minds!

Lol, love that interpretstion Perdix; speaking from experience divorce is a costly venture and had I listened to my 'cold feet' I wouldn't have gotten married in the first place

56, some people live together without getting married (because they oppose idea of marriage). You might want to try that one.

I agree! I wish I had listened to my instincts. My divorce wasn't very costly, no lawyers involved, agreement on both sides that we didn't want anything from each other, no kids. But the emotional cost was worse.

56, I'm sure that if your marriage had succeeded you wouldn't be saying that your "cold feet" were right. As it was stated before, cold feet are simply nerves.

22 - I think you mean fiancé not fiancè.

beddington 7

Everyone gets nervous. If thats not it, maybe it's just the flu. Good luck!

Yeah, fever dreams can be extremely real and feel horrible. I mostly have jolly ones but theres the occasional sheet-clutching dreams that occur.

Honestly I think shes worried about whether or not she will make a good ex-wife. I always feel that talking with dad helps smooth things out.

I'll be honest I never got cold feet before marrying my wife. Not everyone gets them, however it is normal. Not sure how normal feverish dreams about getting married is though....

69 my 3 year old had a fever dream a free days ago, it was much like night terrors except she actually woke up and was very frightened. A dream that is vivid and seems real, much like pregnancy dreams.

I think a lot of people have those kind of dreams about all sorts of major events in their lives!

3, I swear I thought your pic was the crazy stalker girlfriend meme until I looked closer. o.o

Hahaha I don't know if that's a compliment or not. ):

@46 That depends on whether or not you stalk your boyfriends.

Yeah, wedding jitters are very common and nightmares, upset stomach, etc. is perfectly normal. Talking to others (not your fiancee) about it should help OP. Give it a try! :)

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I'm so glad i approved this message

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It's just a dream! It doesn't mean anything.

I couldn't disagree more. Dreams. can sometimes relay messages from the sub conscience to a person, allowing them to be aware of some of the worries that were previously unknown. *The more you know*

33 - Dreams actually tend to be about what you did or thought about in that day, the idea of a subconcious and dreaming was the subconcious 'coming out' was the drug addict's hypothesis known as Freud. The more you 'actually' know.

37- So you agree that dreams have some sort of meaning then? That's the point I was making.

They don't really have a meaning from what studies have shown, just processing information from that day. They also act out scenarios to better eqiup you incase you found yourself in that situation, like preparation. Function and reason is different from meaning.

Ah okay. So know I know the next time I'm being chased by clowns yelling "You're a nobody", I probably shouldn't jump into a cartoonish black hole. :p

No studoes show that people can be different what a study shows. I have had dreams about an ex that I think I may still have some feelings for. in the dream we got back together. I havnt talked to her in months and don't plan on ever seeing her again because of the way things ended. point is. I know that dream was about how I feel towards her and wishful thinking. also, OP interpreted her dream as a nightmare, showing her true feelings toward the dream.

42 - it sucks I can't remember any dreams, then. I guess I'll never be prepared for what my dreams are telling me.

I agree with 48, you turds need to watch more vsauce and stop getting info off of cereal boxes! :P

Don't worry, OP, you'll be fine! It's just very high anxiety. Marriage is a beautiful thing, and I'm sure you'll be very happy in the end :) also, it's only just a dream.

only a dream? the Internet told me that dreams come true and the Internet doesn't lie. Op should be terrified!

75- If that's true, I'm going to be kidnapped and beaten by Sean Connery and raped by George Clooney. ._.

75- I'm with you on that one, but the Internet has yet to explain why I'm still a virgin.

84 - Probably because you're at home asking the internet why you're still a virgin instead of outside talking to pretty girls...

Some people get cold feet. Sounds like you've been soaking yours in liquid nitrogen.

...on top of Mt. Everest. If Mt. Everest was made of dry ice.

perdix 29

Tonight, you'll have the beautiful fantasy dream of your annulment in a week and six months* *the minimum interval of time you need to stay married to keep the wedding gifts.

MistaBlista 9

Looks like a sign. Good luck with your soon-to-be newlywed, OP.:)

or a sin(x). cuze you can go through a lot of ups and downs both before and after getting married.

b00kn3rd 14

They could have had cos(x). Of course then at their wedding they'd need to bring Savage Garden back to en vogue to explain why.

If you actually feel that sick about the wedding in real life then you have to do something about it, it's not fair for you, or your fiancé if you don't.