By tapeissticky591 - 14/07/2012 05:49 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, I woke up naked, duck-taped to the wall, with no memory of last night. FML
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Oh don't worry, there is bound to be photos to help re-jog your memory!

Hey could be worse, it could have been duct tape.


Oh don't worry, there is bound to be photos to help re-jog your memory!

I see what you did thar, but don't know if intentional.

I still can't see what I did );

"there's bound"

Oh, haha! Thanks, now I wish I done that on purpose. Should've played it cool..

OP, its called duct tape.

OP, i suggest you change your name, move to a new town, and get plastic surgery ASAP.

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug baby" -Tyrom biggums

#26 Actually it was originally called duck tape when it was first invented during World War 2 because it was made as a way to create a water-tight seal on the military's ammo cases and was called duck tape because of it's waterproof quality. It's fix-everything quality was discovered when the military made improvised repairs in the battlefield and it was sold in it's well known silver color to civilians shortly after the war. Duck tape should never be used on an actual duct because the fabric part of the duck tape is actually flammable. To further the confusion there is an actual type of tape called duct tape. Duct tape is a separate type of tape used specifically for working on ducts.

Why bother with still photos? Surely, someone taped it!

#72, thank you. That was actually very interesting. Im being serious. I can wait to share that with people.

The video is on PornTube right now!

Last Friday Night!

There's also a brand of the tape named Duck Tape

At your name OP. Yes, yes it is. Good job. :)

Your smiley face in invalid because of your profile pic

It must of hurt to take off, imagine the pain of peeling duct tape off of your.. 'parts'

Am I the only one thinking this would make a great movie? They could have him try to figure out what happened the night before. I'm a genius! I'll be rich!!

Dude, Where're My Clothes?

59- We should have him be with three friends too! They lose a friend and they try to figure out what happens and people are chasing them for the things they did the night before! We should name it... "Hangover" Yeah! Sounds good!

Hangover part 3 OP ;)

Holy shit 85. You are a genius.

Dude, where's the floor?

Immediately check for tigers in the bathroom.

OP should be more concerned about vicious cougars.

I'm going off topic here, but I have to say this: 3, I thank you for sharing with the world a picture of your armpit! It's not nauseating or anything...

I agree 100% with #18

Am I the only one that thought 3's picture was a vagina for a second? No? Oh okay....

Haha I thought so too #28. Then I read #18s comment and I was like Ohhh it's an armpit

18- You're welcome. And it's not MY armpit 28,29- Did you think that maybe that's the point of the picture?

I got it.! It wasn't too funny though

48 - Never seen the Hangover but I saw commercials with a tiger in the bathroom and assumed that's what it was from. Either way, its more of a "ha, I know what you're referencing" kind've post..

Wait... Then why do you have a picture of someone else's? That's even stranger... And I just notices that this whole thing is extremely off topic haha

125- kind've? That is...kind've wrong

Look on the bright side: you've got what is essentially a free full-body wax

Quagmire had something to do with this, I just know it... Lol

Yeah you're right. When OP takes the tape off they'll be as smooth as a baby! And it will be pulled by the roots so it will last awhile too!!

Hangover moment huh? Well I guess you better get those receipts out and start following the clues

Hey could be worse, it could have been duct tape.

"duck taped to the wall....". I think it's safe to say most of OP's body hair would have been ripped out.

#11 Duck and duct are different. Unless you were referring to Duck's own brand Duct tape.

I guess the guy who made the post meant duct?? Or am I having a 'no durr' moment? o.0

Your picture fits perfectly with that

kinky sex .. Nice

Yet you comment?

Look at it this way, a strapping young fellow like yourself can say that you have done freaky shit which involved duct tape. How many people can say that? I think you wrapped up that night pretty well.

Hahah wrapped!...

Buh dum tss... Hahaha

That's the whole pun stupid

sounds like a good night to me ;)

Wow 111 - you got all that out of this post? No.. The worst thing would prob be it was a dare and he was too fucked up to remember.

rawr much?

well... then don't fall asleep at a party with ur shoes on