By poorman - 9/10/2009 23:22 - Canada
Today, my mother, who religiously checks her bank account after every purchase, then shreds her receipts, got fed up with me not doing the same. So she shredded all my piled up receipts. These include the 100s of dollars I had spent for my work, which I need the receipts to get reimbursed for. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

Wow...You need to drag her ass down to wherever you have to go to get reimbursed and have her rexplain to the guy why you can't produce the reciepts. If the guy still won't reimburse you, tell your mother that she's SOL and is expected to pay every penny. I STILL don't understand what it is with parents and ust HAVING to touch their children's shit. And this case is even worse considering she DESTRROYED her stuff without asking her. If my parents did that, even if the documents that were shredded weren't important, they'd know full well that they did went against just about every principle they've been trying to teach me for the last decade or so.

  gothicwench  |  0

There do seem to be a shitload of pushy relatives on here. If mine acted like that I'd tell them to fuck off and they would. You need better control of your family. Start cracking the whip. My mum and stepdad knew they had to knock on my bedroom door to enter when I was 8 lol.

I'm not spoiled, I'm just a dom.

  Lawlipop  |  3

Yes. Because his mother can't read the label on said folder.
I would never think I had to protect my things from my own mother, and I'm sure many people don't. Unless the mother has done something for her children to completely lose trust in her, I tend to believe most people give their mothers the benefit of the doubt in regards to NOT destroying their things.

That said, OP, make your mother reimburse you. She just cost you hundreds of dollars for being completely neurotic. Ask her to reimburse you.

  LilaBear  |  1

she's probably some privacy nut who is terrified someone will get hold of her receipts and do... something. Some people are just weird. I know people who are terrified that telling someone online your real first name will lead to identity theft.

(And she checks her online account first to make sure the purchase is recorded on her online statement.)

  Spicy_Eyes  |  0

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't after you hahaha! Oh great! Now I have that stupid Geico commercial with the Creepy Moneystack stuck in my head.

  jam_21  |  0

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By  railfan_fml  |  0

make her pay. it's that simple, and it's not right - NOT RIGHT - for parents to impose their morals on their kids, and damage/etc something that doesn't belong to them because of their own, personal ideals.

By  shmelk  |  0

Your mother is an idiot. Why would you shred your receipts? What if the you happen to be audited? I am sorry to hear about that though. Have a nice day.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Bitch you kidding? I'm 18 and still live with my parents, I don't have any fucking money or a job. My parents keep taking my money...
I'll be moving in with my grandmother soon enough... but that's still technically not moving out, but at least I can actually keep a hold of whatever precious coinfodder comes my way....

And actually you can get a "job" at 14, but there are some catches with that.
At least that's how it is around here, I'm sure every state is different, and I don't know about Canada or its provinces' laws on that...

  tiancai  |  0

If his job requires him to spend hundreds of dollars for his company (that will be reimbursed by the said company), then I'm sure his company pays him a decent enough salary with which he could afford to rent an apartment and live on his own. If he wants to save an extra buck by living with his parents, then he deserves whatever side effects that may be incurred by such a decision. There is a saying in my native language, "someone who is cheap will have to pay twice".

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

DameGreyWulf, just to answer your semi-question, you CAN get a job at 14 in Canada, but it's only at places like McDonalds, Tim Hortons, etc. All the fast food places. Everywhere else (clothing stores, Starbucks, etc) the minimum age is 16.

  xdyingxwishx  |  0

Nowhere does it say that he still lives with his mother. When my mom comes over to my house she goes through my stuff and tries to clean. Mothers just don't know when to quit mothering their child. It could be the same case for him.

By  sevenalive  |  0

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  Luckster  |  0

Not everyone gets a job on their 16th birthday you know. I've been looking for a job for 2 years now. Not a soul will hire me because of lack of experience. I lack experience because no one will hire me. It's a vicious cycle.

  LilaBear  |  1

In this economy very few people under 21 can move out, especially if they are still studying at university or something. Not to mention lots of people pay board, help with cleaning, groceries, etc - it works just the way it would in a share house except it's your parents you're sharing with. And why not? I have a friend who's 22 and still at home - she is just finishing a law degree, and while she has had several jobs in the past, doesn't at the moment. She contributes towards the housework & grocery shopping while her parents are at work. I'm sure her parents love having her round to help.


do some volunteer work to get some experience and put it on your resume. that should help anyways, and get some references from ppl you know and trust and you should have no trouble getting a job. I got one when I was 15 an it only took me a month of searching

By  Spicy_Eyes  |  0

I didn't move out of my mom's house until I was 23, but I also made $40,000 a year and also paid/helped with rent, utilities, groceries etc. Just because someone is 18+ and still lives at home doesn't automatically make them a deadbeat, you never know why they are, it could be that he is her caretaker the way that I was for my mom. Plus, it's very common now for people to live with their parents thanks to the bad economy. It's cheaper than living on your own and you don't have to worry so much about juggling debts. The OP's mom should NEVER have touched his stuff regardless of whether or not he shouldn't have left it lying around.

I'd make HER reimburse you for her mistake. Teach her to let you live your life the way that you choose.