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  Tali147  |  16

A berry color with a slight blue tint is the best color to make your teeth look whiter. But as far as I can tell from what my cousin has told me, you cannot change the bands yourself. I will warn my cousin about the baby blues...

  Feared  |  9

If youre a guy, and worried that you won't be able to talk to girls for a month and half, then carry around some watermelon... Bitches love watermelon.

  Feared  |  9

58. Yes I did. The you was in a second person context. I wasn't calling OP a guy, I was saying that if you ( second person ) are a guy, and this happens to you, that you should bring watermelon.

  copy125  |  0

Yea I don't think it's the baby blue bands that make your teeth look yellow, I believe that would just be your teeth.... Try a tooth brush, its a lot cheaper than going back to the orthodontist to order a different color.

  starflyer59  |  17

70: that's not true at all. you've obviously never had braces. I, on the other hand, have. and yes, they do make your teeth look yellow. I always thought my teeth really were yellow until the orthodontist told me otherwise. just think of the end results! you'll have perfectly white teeth!! :D

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Can't you just go back and ask for a different colour? But then I suppose if you could this wouldn't be an FML.

Try and buy new ones that compliment the wonderful hue of your teeth! Good luck OP.

  maytheforce_  |  0

Now, who'd put bleach in their mouth?
"Where's the blegh?"
"The what?"
"-holds bottle of bleach- the blegh."
"Oh you mean bleach."

Unless of course you want to die.

  akallaan  |  7

There are two different types of bands for braces. There are the rubber bands that help realign teeth, usually on the side and easy to replace, and there are bands that hold the main wire to the brackets on the teeth. These rubber bands are the colorful ones and must be replaced by an expert.

I am not an orthodontist, but I had braces myself.

By  Keevarou  |  16

the best solution would be intense whitening toothpaste :)
And the good news is that it's only for 1 and a half month, it's better to suffer a little shame instead of having deformed teeths or so from not taking care of it in any way.
Fuck your life though, it must be pretty embarrasing to feel having yellow teeths, and maybe you are actually just overreacting, people can have a tendency to do that when concerning themselves.
But it will be sorted out later anyway, so be happy when you are done with it, take care :)


I completely agree Keevarou. I know from experience that being self-concious can make one overreact in certain situations--this being a prime example.

Keep your chin up OP! You'll get used to it, and better times are ahead.

  SkoomaKi  |  27

The_Hitdude!!!! You're back :D

Back on topic. It's only a month and a half, you'll make it OP. Just think of the beautiful teeth you'll have after you get your braces off.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

Actually whitening toothpaste is the worst solution. You don't whiten your teeth while wearing braces. It would leave you with yellow squares on your teeth where the bracket was covering the tooth.


Yeah when i had braces, i choose baby bleu one time and it made my teeth look mad yellow even though there really white. Fyl op:) but its only a month and a half so dont worry

  sunworshiper  |  10

44- obviously you have never had braces. Every month and a half you need to get them tightened and you can only eat soft foods for a couple days after that. Not to mention how they scrape up the insides of your mouth.. I still have scars in my mouth and I got my braces off 7 years ago. I would have much rather just needed glasses than braces.


No, I've never had braces, but due go my life circumstances, it would be more convenient.
My glasses are alway being broken.

Plus, braces are sexy.
At least on the people that I've seen.
And yes, I'm crazy c:
Nice to know you care about my mental health *hugs*

  eliaaa11  |  2

I had braces for almost two years. i thought i was rather cute in them... right after that ingot glasses. i'd rather have braces then glasses because braces are short term where as you have your eye sight for the rest of your life

By  Roflsauruz  |  12

A month and a half really isn't that long. And I'm sure they can't look THAT yellow unless you already smoke two packs a day, or something.

Seriously, just forget about it. I doubt everyone's gonna be pointing and laughing at you, saying "HAHA YOUR TEETH ARE YELLOW!!!"...... No.