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Today, after months of being told I'm just being paranoid, my hallmates admitted and proved that there really is a dorm-wide conspiracy to socially isolate me. I don’t know what I did wrong. FML
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Seriously? An entire dorm… PLANNING to ostracize one person for unknown reasons. Have you asked why yet since posting this, ‘cause this is really ******* stupid if they didn’t tell you why.

that's awful op, I hope you can transfer dorms


that's awful op, I hope you can transfer dorms

Seriously? An entire dorm… PLANNING to ostracize one person for unknown reasons. Have you asked why yet since posting this, ‘cause this is really ******* stupid if they didn’t tell you why.

You probably did nothing wrong. Some people are just petty bitches whose social development stopped at 12 years of age.

I was going to post a sappy, yet supportive comment, but “they” told me not to. “They” say you know what you did.

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Do they want school shootings? Because this is how they get school shootings.

Time to contact your schools administrator this is actually illegal at schools and a lawyer you are going to need one

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how tf would this be illegal? it's really shitty yeah, but what law exactly is being broken? there's no requirement for people to be friends with you or be nice to you. this is a horrible thing that the dorm is doing, but not illegal. op might be able to talk to administration about it being bullying, and would have a good case to be moved to a new dorm, but no one's getting arrested for this.

It's illegal for people to not want to socialize with one person? I cannot believe that. Why would you think that?

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Let me guess, they're all psyche students and convinced themselves that it was a "harmless" experiment.

You ever see that movie 'Revenge of the Nerds'? Do that.

I'm sorry that's happening to you. I went through the same thing in school, and it was really hard. But a few things helped: 1) Be the friend that you wish you had. Being an RA for several years, I know the odds are pretty good that there are other people in your dorm who wish someone cared about them. If nobody is going to be there for you, then be there for someone else who is feeling the same way you are. 2) Do some self-reflection, and do everything you can to be the best person possible. The reason for this is because if you're doing this, and someone doesn't like you, it's easy to dismiss their opinions. If you can think to yourself "I would like me, if I were that person," then you're less likely to feel depressed and powerless. 3) People's opinions change all the time. Just look at those trashy shows where people are best friends one minute, then enemies the next, and then they're friends again and ganging up on someone else. If you take the high road and don't give anybody reason to dislike you, the tides usually turn. 4) Read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." It's great for introverts (like me) who aren't naturally social and sometimes need to consciously draw on tips for being liked (or how not to accidentally put someone off!) 5) You are part of a larger community of many different people. Try volunteering off-campus, where you will be valued and where you can meet other people who will appreciate what you have to offer! 6) Get revenge by focussing on your goals and by being successful. A lot of people in university don't make it past the first two years, especially if they're focussed on social drama. When they drop out and you have grades high enough to do anything you want to, you'll be glad you didn't waste your time partying with losers.

yo I'm sorry, truly. but also you have no idea.. I mean. people dont do that for no reason. so in sure you have some issues to work on. but honestly I'd transfer and try to be less like your old self and grow into your new prospering self. only you hold the keys for your own life

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Sometimes well-liked people can be really petty. And if you cross them, without knowing it, well... They can unleash hell on you. Although I have to agree the scale of what OP describes is huge. I had something similar happen to me a few years back, although that involved a crazy ex (and I screwed up here and there too). She turned a good bunch of common friends against me with well fabricated lies (with evidence made up of cut-together, or outright fake messages, etc). It was a living hell until I moved. And of course police wouldn't do anything since in their opinion, online harassment is not something they should care about - even if it's a gang of people continuously bothering my family, friends, and workplace.