By L0L59
Today, I got my braces checked by another orthodontist since I've had them for years and my teeth never got the way they should be. After 8 years and 27 x-ray exams, my orthodontist didn't do much except loosen the root of the tooth to the point where I can move it. FML
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  bluejello2001  |  17

This is one of the few times that I think some sort of legal action is needed. Your time and money, and the orthodontist did absolutely nothing? It might be a small-claims court situation, but you deserve some sort of reparations.

By  Deez_Knots  |  10

U got 27 X-rays? Sue that fucking orthodontist cuz ur about to get thyroid cancer pal

By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

Dentists have a really nasty history of continuing to do unnecessary work on people just to collect on insurance money. That’s what happened to me. My previous dentist did three fillings and a root canal on me that my new dentist said I never needed, and it all ended with me losing a tooth that was healthy to begin with.

If you can get your new orthodontist to testify in court, you should pursue a malpractice suit on your former orthodontist. The only way to stop corrupt people from practicing is to drag their misdeeds into the light

By  that1giirl__  |  19

It’s common for teeth to be loose when in ortho; especially if the dentist is moving one tooth in particular. The tissue around the loose tooth will eventually settle and stabilize the tooth.

But, 8 years in ortho is way too long; no matter how jacked up your teeth were to begin with. You’ve wasted your time and your money.