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Today, I went to see my orthodontist. He informed me that I have an underbite and I will probably need braces again. I just had them taken off last year, after five and a half years of oral hell. FML
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I had a sister who had that same problem, except she decided to get surgery instead. 5 years later it's like she never had an under bite. Maybe, if you want to, you can do the same thing and get surgery over braces

I'm not surprised. Dentists are some sadistic bastards.


Oral? No matter what , oral is oral! Feel bad for you. Take care!

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You don't know oral hell until you start choking on a small curly hair stuck to the back of your throat.

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21- Why would you know what it's like to be choking on a small curly hair?

Actually, I wore my braces for like 8 years. It was HELL

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Thank you, 33. But seriously, I do have sympathy for you.

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19- my cousin was supposed to have braces for 3 years. It has been 8 years and the dentist still hasn't set a date to take them off. -__-

Someones teeth must have looked like shrek's before the braces. Orthodontists aren't miracle workers now.

I think I have an underbite too, which is increasing. But I'm 'too old' for braces. *sigh*

89- you're never too old for braces. I say go for it if it bothers you :)

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Should've told him to bite you.

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Yeah, that'll really scare him.

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I don't taunt the people who work on my teeth. They frighten me.

I think this was an attempt at a pun.

35- your picture makes that comment all the better

59 - Invisalign only straightens teeth, it doesn't fix your bite.

"Doctor, would you do me the pleasure of biting me?" "Erm...ok?" *slowly takes a bite out of OP's arm* This is the scenario in my head. I don't see how that would help the situation.

"bite me" is a phrase people use to say **** off. it doesnt mean literally bite them dumb ass.^^^

I would appreciate if you didn't call me dumbass. Dumbass.

I had a sister who had that same problem, except she decided to get surgery instead. 5 years later it's like she never had an under bite. Maybe, if you want to, you can do the same thing and get surgery over braces

I heard that the surgery is really risky, though. Like you might lose the feeling in half your face kind of risky.

I'm 4 weeks out of corrective jaw surgery to correct my underbite, and I'm only slightly numb on the corners of my lips. Recovery is tough, but it's so worth it to have the smile you want :)

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I have a slight underbite and my smile is perfectly fine with me. It's not worth the pain, recovery time, or the money to fix it when it was never a problem.


If the underbite doesn't bother you and doesn't totally mess up your smile, don't give them the satisfaction of more business and money.

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O.o you had a sister. What happened to her?!?!!!!

I googled images of massive underbites and I didn't see a single one that justified corrective surgery or even braces. Is there a medical reason you would want one? I have a fairly substantial overbite and have never had issues, so I'm curious if it's something different for underbites.

I have had braces for three years for my underbite and I still will have to get surgery when I'm done :(

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My ortho was trying to tell me to get jaw surgery, where they would essentially break my jaw, reposition it, and fuse it in place with screws. Uhm, I like how my face looks, thanks, I'm not risking ******* that up. Especially when he said it was a 75% chance my face would look significantly different.

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you probably have to do this because you didn't wear a night guard like you're supposed to after you get braces

Nah, it's just a way of orthodontist getting money out of you. When you get braces they help with under bites and over bites, that's why they make a mold of your set of teeth; to find all of your flaws. Braces aren't just for crooked teeth. That's how I got my slight over bite fixed.

44- Braces do correct over and under bites but if you don't wear a retainer, or night guard your teeth will naturally try and move back. that's why a lot of people also have wires on the back of their teeth, even after they have had their braces removed.

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Totally agree with you. I have braces to fix my "massive" over bite when it's barely noticeable!

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62- That wire you're referring to is an option. I had braces, and my orthodontist gave me a choice between the two types of retainers. One is the clear mold that you slip onto your teeth, and the other one is the one with the wires. EDIT: I misread. Feel free to thumb down.

98- i guess all orthodontists are different because I didn't have the option, I have both the wire on the backs of my front teeth and the clear retainer that I wear at night.

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119- For some people their insurance doesn't cover the clear mold, so maybe that was what happened with you? I know it happened to a friend of mines also.

The first clear mold for me was covered, but if wrecked/ lost it I wold of needed to pay for it. It just depends on the orthodontist. I will have these wires on the backs of my teeth forever or until they fall off or something.

Haha, oral hell, for you? Or for who ever you're going out with?

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Lol "oral hell" reminds me of some type of porno

Oh god reminds me of when I first got my braces and gave my now ex boyfriend Oral.. My brackets got stuck.. It was terrible. We both cried..

47 - thanks for that big belly-laugh! I needed that! ;)

94. Your welcome, I'm glad I can entertain you with my painful story. It really happened though lol

I'm not surprised. Dentists are some sadistic bastards.

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87- Do you know what sadistic means? How much they make has nothing to do with that.

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But this is an orthodontist. The real sadists

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He said probably, so there is a chance you won't need them.

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7: No, the exact same thing happened to me after 2 1/2 years with braces. There are 3 options to the situation: 1. Get your jaw realigned by having braces put back on 2. Get your jaw realigned by having them break it and wiring your mouth shut for weeks 3. Give up and live with the underbite I have to wait until I stop growing (18 or 19) before I can consider anything due to the possibility of the jaw repositioning itself if I do it sooner. The joys of life...

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Sorry *your jaw Edit: Never mind, my original edit changed itself

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Is your pic Bush eating a cat.....?

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96, yes, and medium quality photoshopped at that

Probably is an orthodontist's way of saying yes you'll need to pay and have these braces put on you.

Damn, that really sucks, but look on the bright side, you are going to have good looking teeth!

That's what you get for going back there. Once you got those torture devices removed, you should have run away from there and never looked back!

My teeth are messing up again, but I DON'T CARE!

Just say no! If it's not that much of a problem to you. Who says we all have to have perfectly straight teeth anyway?

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Exactly. Take cavemen for example. Sorry Geico guy...