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It was free though?

Woah! Your orthodontist is a piercer as well?! That's kinda cool!

pay for one, get the other for free. sounds like a sweet deal to me. :-)

there was another fml exactly like this a while ago..

I wish I can get m braces off (I just got them back on) OP take my advice and wear your retainers religiously. I was a moron so I didn't wear them and my teeth shifted back to their bad position. And I had to put them back on.

Yum, maybe you can have a little tongue ring made out of braces? Haha

After 3 1/2 years, i'm finally getting my braces off November 29!!!

I got mine on In Juin... another year and a half to go :'(

Woww you better not be serious

I'm gonna be a much better orthodontist.

100 - Is that really you in that picture? What's with the hover hands?

That's funny, my English teacher told me that it's spelled June.

juin is french.

English motha fucka, do you speak it?

but this person lives in Canada....

Most Canadians speak French...

never heard of the month called juin.

I live in Canada, just because I live here doesnt mean I have to learn or know French.. Theres only one French speaking province anyways.

142 - 132 didn't say all. We wouldn't dare generalise on fml.

138 ur a fucking moron, probabaly American cause everyone in Canada speaks english except for Quebec and some people in Ontario.... And some Asian in Vancouver

70 Congrats! I get mine off a day before ye

Don't forget this app originates in Fance. But,way to go dumbass!

Motha fucka? Wow. Do YOU speak English? And a reminder that this app originates in France. Way to be a dumbass!

150 - you need to watch more movies. Srs.

What ain't no country I ever heard of. They speak English in what?!

yeah, was it free?

70, noone gives a flying fuck about you or your story.

That is extremely incorrect

That's my bros Bday!

Nice profile pic

Multi consequences

Op some would consider you lucky.

Did you ask to get your bellybutton pierced too?

I hope this doesn't happen to me! I'm getting mine off in a month :/ Now I'm scared and I'm keeping my tongue in the back of my mouth!

60 I know what you mean. I don't want this to happen to me. Even worse, I have to go to the eye doctor!

So, how do you like it..

I only had to get 3 brackets and wear 2 rubber bands on back right) for a cross-bite. Then I went the invisalign route. So glad I didn't have to deal with a mouth full of metal. The 4 months of having those rubber bands on were hell.

And the orthodontist of the year award goes to...

#133-We wanted to know that...

The true thought capacity of about 70% of FMLers at its best^^

3- That was a very intellectual comment.

That's funny, because I went to get my tongue pierced and the stupid guy put braces on

104- no sh!t you jacka$$ fagger

I got mine off september, except without the blood, and dumbass nurses

Cool story bro!

don't tell it again.

91 & 98 thanks for the laughs haha. This is the reason I go onto the comments. Sometimes they're funnier than the FML'S themselves.

Fight fire with fire. In this case, I know a good place to pierce a hole..

79 - So you're wet at the thought of that?? O_o dayum girl.

Sexy :) me likey

Two for the price of one!

Call now an get a free mother ****in glowstick as well!

I was legit gonna say that...

At least it was free!

Aha I was just playing minecraft XD

6- Fuck you creeper!!!

At no extra charge, you should be thanking him.

Maybe the orthodontist just wanted to change things up a bit. Live on the wild side. OP was just the person infront of them when the choice was made.

now, u are officially a g!

90 - spin art profile picture . I approve .

#8- what are you? In junior high? -_-

tongue piercings are nasty. FYL

That's an opinion. I happen to like my tongue piercing.. A lot. So does my husband (;

guys tend to enjoy tongue piercings

Guys do like tongue piercings. And I'm a guy. And I do.

This seems like a thread of opinions. Let's not be hypocritical. Ahh, fuck it. What's the internet for if not for being ignorant.

Hey if u never had a tongue piercing then stfu u dnt know wat you talking about

136- My brain in melting because of your poor grammar and lack of spelling... Please try again.

Is* god damn it

I've had a tongue piercing...and hundreds in dental work to fix the damage. Good lesson: metal vs. enamel - metal wins.

that is why all of my jewelry is bioplast or acrylic. I've had mine for 2 years and I've had absolutely no damage. if I wear metal jewelry the bottom ball hits my bottom 2 front teeth Which if repeated over time would cause them to break.

Wow I'm getting mine off tomorrow...this makes ms feel good.....THANKS!

Hopefully you're into tongue piercings because you're next!