By OUCH. - 17/11/2011 21:27 - United States

Today, I got my braces off. I also got my tongue pierced. Both by my orthodontist. FML
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It was free though?

crazychick1269 7

two for one?

Woah! Your orthodontist is a piercer as well?! That's kinda cool!

pay for one, get the other for free. sounds like a sweet deal to me. :-)

missmady 0

there was another fml exactly like this a while ago..

I wish I can get m braces off (I just got them back on) OP take my advice and wear your retainers religiously. I was a moron so I didn't wear them and my teeth shifted back to their bad position. And I had to put them back on.

Yum, maybe you can have a little tongue ring made out of braces? Haha

ohsheet 8

After 3 1/2 years, i'm finally getting my braces off November 29!!!

I got mine on In Juin... another year and a half to go :'(

Woww you better not be serious

Predental 5

I'm gonna be a much better orthodontist.

leadman1989 15

100 - Is that really you in that picture? What's with the hover hands?

eln3mo13 8

That's funny, my English teacher told me that it's spelled June.

missmady 0

juin is french.

English motha fucka, do you speak it?

but this person lives in Canada....

Most Canadians speak French...

never heard of the month called juin.

I live in Canada, just because I live here doesnt mean I have to learn or know French.. Theres only one French speaking province anyways.

142 - 132 didn't say all. We wouldn't dare generalise on fml.

138 ur a fucking moron, probabaly American cause everyone in Canada speaks english except for Quebec and some people in Ontario.... And some Asian in Vancouver

70 Congrats! I get mine off a day before ye

Don't forget this app originates in Fance. But,way to go dumbass!

Motha fucka? Wow. Do YOU speak English? And a reminder that this app originates in France. Way to be a dumbass!

150 - you need to watch more movies. Srs.

What ain't no country I ever heard of. They speak English in what?!

yeah, was it free?

70, noone gives a flying fuck about you or your story.

That is extremely incorrect

That's my bros Bday!

Nice profile pic

xSonic 9

Multi consequences

Op some would consider you lucky.

jallred254 4

Did you ask to get your bellybutton pierced too?

I hope this doesn't happen to me! I'm getting mine off in a month :/ Now I'm scared and I'm keeping my tongue in the back of my mouth!

60 I know what you mean. I don't want this to happen to me. Even worse, I have to go to the eye doctor!

So, how do you like it..

I only had to get 3 brackets and wear 2 rubber bands on back right) for a cross-bite. Then I went the invisalign route. So glad I didn't have to deal with a mouth full of metal. The 4 months of having those rubber bands on were hell.

leogirl95 12

And the orthodontist of the year award goes to...

#133-We wanted to know that...

The true thought capacity of about 70% of FMLers at its best^^

3- That was a very intellectual comment.

dickydickman 0

That's funny, because I went to get my tongue pierced and the stupid guy put braces on

104- no sh!t you jacka$$ fagger

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

I got mine off september, except without the blood, and dumbass nurses

Cool story bro!

chickenwalrus 14

don't tell it again.

meetmissmayhem 4

91 & 98 thanks for the laughs haha. This is the reason I go onto the comments. Sometimes they're funnier than the FML'S themselves.

Fight fire with fire. In this case, I know a good place to pierce a hole..

068801604 0


79 - So you're wet at the thought of that?? O_o dayum girl.

Sexy :) me likey

shibainu519 0

Two for the price of one!

CalCommando 6

Call now an get a free mother ****in glowstick as well!

I was legit gonna say that...

At least it was free!

Aha I was just playing minecraft XD

6- Fuck you creeper!!!

mismonroe 0

At no extra charge, you should be thanking him.

Maybe the orthodontist just wanted to change things up a bit. Live on the wild side. OP was just the person infront of them when the choice was made.

chrissymari3 1

now, u are officially a g!

90 - spin art profile picture . I approve .

#8- what are you? In junior high? -_-

tongue piercings are nasty. FYL

AlaskaKid95 7

You're nasty.

sinking_fish 12

That's an opinion. I happen to like my tongue piercing.. A lot. So does my husband (;

flockz 19

guys tend to enjoy tongue piercings

ihavebrokenshoes 0

Guys do like tongue piercings. And I'm a guy. And I do.

cptmorgan6 8

This seems like a thread of opinions. Let's not be hypocritical. Ahh, fuck it. What's the internet for if not for being ignorant.

dr_octagonapus47 4

Hey if u never had a tongue piercing then stfu u dnt know wat you talking about

136- My brain in melting because of your poor grammar and lack of spelling... Please try again.

Is* god damn it

I've had a tongue piercing...and hundreds in dental work to fix the damage. Good lesson: metal vs. enamel - metal wins.

that is why all of my jewelry is bioplast or acrylic. I've had mine for 2 years and I've had absolutely no damage. if I wear metal jewelry the bottom ball hits my bottom 2 front teeth Which if repeated over time would cause them to break.

Wow I'm getting mine off tomorrow...this makes ms feel good.....THANKS!

Hopefully you're into tongue piercings because you're next!