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  Freeze_fml  |  16

You can get a yellow eggroll thing if you go a few months without taking them out.

Every now and then on accident is alright but too much is bad.

I don't see why the OP didn't feel the pain that follows after waking up with them on.

  starflight  |  0

@120 Computer software for the blind reads webpages out to them. I have met several blind people on online forums who use software to read pages, and braille keyboards to type.

Also, legal blindness means your vision is worse than 20/200 and (this is the most important part!) cannot be corrected with lenses, or, 20/200 is the best it can be corrected to. My vision is worse than 20/200, but as glasses improve it to about 20/40, I am not legally blind.
By this definition, a person who is legally blind may not be able to use a computer any better than a completely blind person. I know without my glasses I have to be right up on the computer screen, and my vision is only 20/400! It's actually rather uncommon for a person to be totally blind (that is, not being able to see anything at all), so most blind people you meet are legally blind.


actually depending on the contacts it's really not. I have contacts and for the first year I took them out every night but then I accidentally fell asleep in them (they r meant for that) and now I sleep in them everynight

  Eliseopwns  |  22

Brosef? .-.

  vexis58  |  1

Even a year after getting my eye surgery, I still have mornings where I wake up and reach for where I used to keep my glasses -- even though I have my eyes open and can see perfectly well. It's weird how your brain works when you first wake up.