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Exactly, if you don't want assumptions from people trying to help you, give more information up front. Especially when it's regarding something most people would have little idea what you are talking about.

  MissAmz  |  7

I'd have to agree with you guys on this one.
How the hell would the person know? The person behind the counter probably asked with out the intent to hurt anyone's feelings.
She sells condoms, tampons and laxatives amongst other things...

  noto_fml  |  0

Exactly you at least gotta give her props for trying to help figure out what type of supplement it is. OP didn't really give enough details based on the FML.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

There seem to be a lot of disgruntled retail workers on this site. It's not that hard to give decent customer service.

I worked retail for years and hated it but I still would've asked a more general follow-up question to avoid getting too personal and allow the customer to supply details if he/she was soinclined. Sometimes just saying you're unfamiliar with a product is enough of an invitation for the customer to cut you off and drone on about what it is he/she wants.

  mimosa79  |  8

Carnosine can be used for weight loss, although not necessarily a "go to" supplement for that purpose; stimulates certain functions to encourage breakdown of fat. Even if she didnt know this though, it's possible she may have been thinking it was related to L-Carnitine, which people use for weight loss and muscle building.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

She must be a new employee OP.

Regardless, she should at least know what she's helping people with. I'm sure it was an honest question though, and she wasn't implying that you're fat.

Still, FYL for having to put up with an inexperienced twit.


Have you ever worked in retail asshole? It's impossible to remember every single item off the top of your head, i doubt she's an inexperienced twit, she just wasn't familiar with what op wanted.. Granted she could have rephrased her question.



However, I didn't call her an inexperienced twit because she didnt know what the product was. I wouldn't expect an employee to know every item in the store, but she could've said something more professional than "is this for weight loss?".

Maybe something like "could you be more specific?" or "I'm sorry, could you explain what kind of product that is?". There's no shame in not being sure about something.

Granted, she probably didn't mean to offend OP.

  muFilter  |  19

I worked in wholesale asshole for awhile, 72... But I'm guessing the inventory is a bit different, so it's probably not all that relevant to the topic at hand.