By hot4donny - United States
Today, my family and I were watching Mulan, and I mentioned that I've always had a crush on Shang. After going into detail about how I would "marry his sexy voice" I decided to look up this mystery dream man. To my surprise he was played by Donny Osmond. I will never live this down. FML
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By  XxHKXx  |  0

Actually I looked it up too since I was curious, well Donny Osmond did play Shang, but as the singing voice for Shang. The actual voice was played by B.D Wong.

By  Zero72  |  0

haha the weird thing is i did practically the same thing the other day.
i got the song he sings on my iPod and was like "what a great voice", looked him up and now everytime i listen to it all i can see is his face :/