By HollyJollyXmas - 09/06/2013 15:40 - United States

Today, I spent my last day at the hospital for a long epilepsy test. Apparently, I don't have epilepsy at all, but I do have extreme stress. This means that I've been taking several anti-seizure medications that ruined my college plans and made me sick for half a year, all for nothing. FML
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This wasn't a recent event but happened a year ago. To those who say I should be grateful, I am! I am so very grateful and I view life in a more positive life. I'm a strong advocate for Epilepsy and against Ableism in any form. It really was an event that changed my life. When it comes to college, if I didn't have this health scare, I'd still probably be on the path to become a teacher, not making my art a career. To those who ask, "Why not have the test in the first place?!" It's not that simple. First they take MRI's then EEG's. I had several of those over the course of time. The test was a last resort when my Neurologist couldn't figure out why the strongest meds weren't helping me. So I went to John Hopkins for a week long EEG test. This was me sitting in bed with wires all attached to my head. This is not a light test but a test to really see if there was something really wrong with my mind. But after all this, I'm glad it's just psychogenic seizures, not real epilepsy. But the whole experience was a life changer.

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Sue the doctor that put you on that drug in the first place


Ouch, so sorry to hear that OP ;-;

Misswildsides 22

Sue the doctor that told you you have epilepsy, as they are not performing tests properly and can cause other people issues like yours. But on the bright side, be glad you don't have epilepsy.

Doesn't mean you can't go to college. It's never too late, despite the popular consensus, life is long

michaelm1290 23

And people wonder why healthcare is so expensive in America... Lets not forget that doctors are human just like you are, and make mistakes just like you do. Why don't lawyers make any less money for losing a case, or why don't NFL players lose money for dropping passes? Take it from a medical student, not all areas in medicine are black and white, in fact, most regions are gray. There will always be mistakes in medicine.

22 is 100% right. Frivolous lawsuits are what is driving healthcare prices up in the USA.

Wizardo 33

Also the mind in an overly stressed state can create phantom illnesses - basically your mind is so convinced your ill your body mimics the symptoms because of stress or you being convinced your ill when in actuality you're fine, this seems like a classic case - its just unfortunate it interfered with education.

Excuse me, but this is far from frivolous. Epilepsy should be correctly diagnosed before prescribing medications that affect the nervous system. And not noticing for half a year is malpractice.

Tzofi - You clearly don't know the first thing about medicine. Until you do, shut the **** up.

Damn, Doc is droppin the hammer. I hate when people complain about how doctors don't magically cure all illnesses, or how medication may be wrong. At the end of the day, Medicine is a practice, not a science. They're all humans, and humans make mistakes.

have you read the first sentence? op said that AFTER tests the doctor's analysis was that he doesn't have it.

that's like comparing orange juice to petroleum.

And I'm definitely glad I'm not attending your practice (if you're even a real doctor and not just some Internet liar) if you're prescribing medications before running the proper tests.

And you clearly don't know anything about manners. Until you do, go **** yourself.

AND not realizing the screwup for half a year.

*cough*troll*cough* Way to quadruple-post, you moronic sack of shit. I hope to god you lied about you age on your profile, otherwise I should sue your clearly blood-related parents for raising such an idiot into her twenties. **** MY life for having my eyes assaulted by your complete horse-shit comments.

Tzofi - If you were my patient (yes, I'm a real doctor; no, I don't care if you don't believe me), I'd tell you flat out you're an idiot. I happen to be brutally honest with my patients, and they actually appreciate it. As I said, you know nothing about what you speak. So the only thing you can do by continuing is making yourself look more foolish. If that's what you want, then by all means keep talking.

And the only thing YOU can do is jump an tell me to 'shut the **** up'. I don't care for your honesty and I don't appreciate it. It's rude and it only makes you a patronizing jackass. Do whatever you want with the people that -maybe- pay you to give them your opinion an insult them, but don't pretend to insult me and expect me to 'appreciate it'.

As for you.... Lol. Stay classy. Bet your own parents are proud of your language and broad vocabulary; quite the charmer. Also, thanks for the profile visit; I don't care enough to visit yours just so I can pull useless info to make ignorant assumptions.

Wizardo 33

Psst, guess what the NHS kicks any other health service in the world and Obamacare was actually good idea - and now that I have your attention stop this argument. As Thor would say, "You humans are so petty... and weak".

75 - Oh no, ow. The words, they burn. D,: I mean, I get the point of trolling, but do you REALLY enjoy making yourself look like a total cretin in front of the whole internet? That's the only reason I can come up with for why you'd still be posting. What self-esteem issues you must have. *pats* There there, it'll be okay.

Lol. Now you're talking about self esteem. I'm not the one trying to prove some sort of superiority or sucking up to some local site celebrity. Also, go look up the definition of 'trolling'; you clearly have it wrong.

Oh, so that's what it is. You think you're being a big rebel by taking on a so-called internet celebrity. God damn, you're so non-conformist and cool. BE MY FRIEND. No, I'm not sucking up to anyone. I'm just trying to drill into your thick skull that you're a colossal idiot. Run along now and lodge a frivolous lawsuit or something. Or post "god isn't real" on a religious forum. Something tells me both fit well with your internet hobbies.

Now you're adding rebellion into the mix. Lol I'm not 'taking him on' to be 'rebellious', I'm doing it because he insulted me repeatedly and no, I'm not going to sit there and smile. Now, if you want to be submissive as a kitten, that's your problem.

He's insulting you because you don't have a damn clue what you're talking about, you don't know how to make your point, and you keep posting multiple comments back-to-back. The fact that you're arguing with me instead of ignoring my comments like a mature girl probably isn't helping you any. In fact, it probably makes him want to sew your asshole shut so you'll stop ******** all over this thread. So for the sake of my own asshole, I'm gonna GTFO of here. Good day, ma'am.

Tzofi, as a fake one minute doctor, here is an ice pack. Apply directly on burn in fifteen minute intervals. Also I would like to prescribe this medicine, it's called S.T.F.U. Take it every four to six hours as needed or thirty minutes before you feel the urge to express ANY opinions. Side affects include: Dry mouth, restful fingers, diarrhea and anal leakage and death. I find it very well worth it.

So you're calling me immature for arguing when you're doing the exact same thing. Perhaps you should ask a doctor to shut your own anus shut so you don't defecate all over yourself. Ahem. And since when is being supposedly more knowledgeable in a topic reason to insult a person without any provocation? Or is telling people to 'shut the **** up' commonplace where you come from? Furthermore, I can post a many comments as I like. The site imposed no comment limit.

Wizardo 33

Let me clear this up quick like. One. Tzofi you jump to conclusions by thinking doctors are superhumans and should diagnose patients 100% accurately, 100% of the time. Two. Doc is only defending his livelihood and probably his passion in life. Three. You're clearly in denial about your fail 7 comments ago. Four. Yes Doc told you to be quiet and you may not like it, but bear in mind we don't want to hear it so that brings me to Five, please just let it go and hush up.

You're right post all you want but expect to hear other's opinions about it too. If you haven't figured out we all have them. I expect the mods of FML to delete all this shit spewing from you any time now. That's all I have to say. Warning: Do NOT feed the troll anymore.

First, I never said doctors were superhuman. Please go back and read again. Second, my arguments stopped being about medicine a long time ago. Again, go back and read. Third, I will not tolerate being insulted by a random stranger, regardless of their occupation or profession.

And thank you for your prescription, but this is another case of misdiagnosis by a specialist in suck-up. The treatment, like the OP's, is entirely wrong. Maybe try it on yourself before prescribing it to other people.

Wizardo 33

Look lady, my guy here said something that yes, may have been rude (to you clearly yes), but bear in mind that he is an expert and would you like it if someone tells you how to do your job or criticises your profession or the people that work in that area? Furthermore, this is the interwebs, there's no reward for winning a fire war here so please just leave it at this.

87, I'm quite aware you all have opinions. Giving mine was what caused someone to tell me to 'shut the **** up' without any provocation whatsoever. If you really will defend people's rights to have opinions, go back and read the whole thread and tell me how I deserved being insulted like that before I said anything to offend anyone. And again. go look up the definition of trolling.

Wiz, you're just adding fuel to the fire. Just leave it be and she'll get bored having no one to argue with and leave.

So, 'shut the **** up' isn't rude for most people on this site. By this logic, if I'm an English major, I can tell people to 'shut the **** up' and to stop 'spewing shit' if they misspell a word. Noted.

michaelm1290 23

Tzofi - the problem is people's immediate response to mistakes in medicine is to sue the physicians. As a son of a physician, and a medical student myself, I'm telling you that this is extremely, extremely annoying and unfair. While I can't speak for Doc himself, I assume he shares this sentiment with me and other people in the medical community, and hence said what he said. And while I am not complaining because this is the profession I chose, it is quite unfair that doctors are held to such a high level that essentially one mistake means going to court, paying lawyer fees, etc. And here's another inside bit of information for you, "mistakes" in medicine are rare.. The problem is that there isn't a check list for diseases and treatments. A physician is forced to think through countless amounts of information and make a judgment call based on individualistic symptoms... No patient is like the "patients" we read in our textbooks and journals.

And an explanation like this would have been a million times better than the fabled Docbastard's reaction. Thank you for being sensible and providing a professional insight instead is being a... well, a Docbastard.

Pretty sure that point was made like 3 or 4 times before you went all psycho.

Did you read the part where some guy called me a 'moronic piece of shit' -mind you, I'd never spoken to this person before- or do you have selective reading? Also, I said it before and will say it again -once more, selective reading- I'm not arguing the point, I'm arguing the delivery of the point. One again, I invite you to go back and read the whole thread, look up 'trolling' on google while you're at it.

Speaking of selective reading, thus point was made 3 times BEFORE you insulted the entire medical profession. Aren't you the little **** today.

Now I insulted the entire medical profession... Jesus Christ. Mind quoting the comment where I did that? And again with the insults. Does calling people '*****' somehow make your points more valid?

Yes, yes they do. My message box is open if you want to hear more obscenities.

Still waiting for you to quote the comment in which I 'insulted the entire medical profession'. Also, to give my comment some validity: *assorted curse words and insults*

No quote? Thought so. And for the psychology students, this comment thread is a perfect example of herd mentality.

It's more like an example of talking to a brick wall. Please everyone take this to the PM system; this has become a flood of inanity.

hey tzofi: you're far more rude than Doc.

Hey guys, this is a perfect example of the kind of crazy to not stick your dick in.

And I'm a psychology student, and we would call you an ignorant ****, or an egocentric Pre-operational child.

Sue the doctor that put you on that drug in the first place

Chances are there was nothing medically inappropriate going on here, #11, but heaven forbid that if there was that there should be accountability for it, right?

Correct, sue the doctor, who was trying to help a patient, for not causing any actual harm. You clearly know absolutely nothing about both medicine and law. Congratulations on exposing your ignorance today.

monnanon 13

@2 you do realise that having OP on the meds is part of eliminating what is wrong with her. it would have been a trial period to see if her symptoms cleared up. she either had to stay on it until the epilepsy test or it did appear to stop whatever was wrong or at least the more noticable symptoms. epilepsy is not something you can wait around forever to be diagnosed it is safer to put you on anti seziure meds as a precaution until it is ruled out.

Quiet_one 22

@2, There's a thing in medicine called "standard of care" that a doctor would have to fail to meet before you'd have a good reason to sue. 35 is exactly right. Not treating a patient for a dangerous condition like epilepsy when you strongly suspect it, even if you're still waiting for definitive test results, would fall below the standard of care and be considered malpractice. The OP's doctor(s) were acting on the information they had in exactly the way they should have, until they were able to get more information and adjust the OP's diagnosis and treatment accordingly. Doctors are generally a smart group of people, but they're still not psychic. And no, lack of psychic powers is not grounds to sue a doctor.

My doc has been diagnosing by treatment for awhile now. None of the tests are giving any answers. I'm grateful she is at least trying something. If she turns out to be completely wrong, I wouldn't think about suing her. Yes, it sucks when the wrong road is followed during diagnosing. But it's not like there is always an easy sign to point the doctors in the right direction.

coolboy675 16

#32 - Not too sure how you define "actual harm", but op's "college plans were ruined" and made her "sick for half a year". Not to mention said medication may have been quite hefty even with insurance considering op is from America. If that isn't "actual harm", please stipulate.

32 - Actual harm: irreversible damage to the body or mind. Compared to the potential harm of uncontrolled epilepsy, derailed college plans are nothing.

Come on #10, bite your tongue!! Your grand mal-attitude is quivering with petit-mal-ice. Seize hold of your neurological impulses. You definitively need some tonic for what's clonically wrong with your thinking!!

Please tell me this was a deliberate pun on "seizure". Please, please.

Lol. It's never too late though. Regarding college.

That's really ******* offensive buddy. Puns are punny, but until you've had seizures for 15 years, Please, shut the **** up

That's a horrible way to spend half a year. Glad to hear you don't actually have epilepsy though.

That's what I was thinking, although this misdiagnosis may have hindered her life temporarily. She should be grateful her life hasn't been effected permanently by having epilepsy.

SirTalkaton 22

Lets not get all shook up about this OP! At least now you're in the know. Stupid Docs

Be glad you are no longer on that medication that made you sick and now you can get your life back on track, OP!

You could sue for Mal-Practice OP. There are many medical laws which are meant to protect consumers from being bought into the wrong diagnosis/cures.

monnanon 13

it is not malpractise. she should have been put on anti seizure meds while epilepsy was a possibility. if her symptoms were really bad they would not have kept her on them for so long but sought an alternative.

no, not a sue-worthy incident. Seriously, I have been misdiagnosed a few times. People who are sue crazy make insurance rates go up and legitimate claims sometimes get overlooked.

Why didn't you do the test in the first place?

TheDrifter 23

There is a series of tests done to eliminate disorders that are related, or show the same symptoms as epilepsy. This was the final test in the series, one test alone leaves a dozen or more possibilities.

laya_fml 26

Aw, sorry OP. But now you can go and seize the day! (hmm that pun may have gone too far) Congratulations though on your new realization of health!

As an epileptic I can answer that for ya. Yes, that was going too far

I feel like you should have requested taking this test in the first place. Either way, fyl op.