Too little, too late

By Anonymous - 20/01/2014 20:23 - United States - Manhattan

Today, I went to the health department to get on some birth control. I left the health department without birth control, and with the news that I'm pregnant. FML
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Why have sex without being on birth control on the first place? Unless you are willing to raise a child, you should have used protection. YDI

Locking the barn door after the horse runs away is never a good plan.


Why have sex without being on birth control on the first place? Unless you are willing to raise a child, you should have used protection. YDI

I could be wrong,but maybe the guy used a condom until now? Maybe they decided they don't like having sex with it.

We should probably consider the possibility that OP and her partner might have been using condoms before she decided to go on birth control. This fml doesn't necessarily means she has "no self control".

Qwermy 16

she (or more accurately, her partner) might have used a condom. they fail sometimes

Qwermy 16

apologies for the redundant comment; I posted at the same time as the other two

Congratulations. Time for us to throw you a baby shower.

24: Aww thank you! :') I didn't even know I was expecting.

You're welcome. It's a pleasure being your ob/gyn.

In my opinion, I don't think you should have sex unless you are ready to have a child. I don't mind other people having sex when they aren't ready but no one wants surprises.

I never want kids and am definitely not ready for a child, but I'll be damned if I'm going to live like a nun for the rest of my life.

Llama_Face89 33

10- condoms fail. Never good to put your faith in them completely.

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I am most definitely not ready for a child and don't plan on any anytime soon... and as much as ill get down voted for sounding stupid, I still have sex because I like it. However, if an accident was to ever occur, my friends, family, and myself will make sure I know my place to care for it. Some people just aren't as lucky as me which is why I recommend birth control to many chicks my age or younger. Hell the day my sis starts, ill put her on some BC too!

She could also have been on birth control (that failed) before this incident, and she was going to pick up her next prescription of the pill. I'm on the pill and I only get six months worth at a time before I have to go back again to get the next lot.

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sex doesn't always lead to a child unprotected sex can but if she was using protection she was at least thinking sometimes it can be faulty don't blame op

I don't want a kid now neither do I feel prepare for one right now, but I won't stop having sex because of fear, if I get pregnant it was a consecuence of having sex in which case I will they care of the baby, no birth control method is 100% effective, only abstinence

I feel like lesbians always just go like "What's the big deal?" because they do not need condoms or birth control for obvious reasons.

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What the hell do lesbians have to do with any of this?

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@42 Your opinion sucks. Sex is the best legal pleasure there is, and its the most intimate act you can share with someone. Thats why we have birth control, and for the unlucky people who get pregnant even after using birth control, theres still abortion. I'd rather actually live the one life I have and enjoy it with the risk of having to get an abortion pill, rather than sit with my legs closed drinking tea and wasting life.

nkklllll 4

who's to say she didn't? Protection fails you know.

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She didn't say she wasn't using condoms. They're pretty effective if you use them right.

nightowl713 25

#107- while I agree that just because you aren't ready for kids doesn't mean you should have sex, as long as you are taking the necessary precautions to prevent a child. However, I completely disagree with your stance on abortion fixes the problem. If you are a willing participant in an act that can't create a life, then you should step and be there for that life by either being a parent or giving it up to someone who wants to be a parent. Senseless killing, is never the answer, not to mention the long term effects it can have on the woman.

nightowl713 25

^^^^^Few grammatical errors above- *doesnt mean you should NOT( instead of SHOULD) have sex. And * being a willing participant in an act that CAN(instead of CANT) create life. My apologies, didn't notice before I was out of time to edit.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@128 Thats your opinion, mate. Birth changes a woman's body forever, she has to carry it for 9 months. And some people would rather stop the embryo from developing into a life, rather than giving away their own flesh and blood. It's a life changing event, and possibly life ruining. Thats why we developed the technology so getting pregnant isnt a death sentence for women, metaphorically speaking.

There is still abortion????? LUCKLY?? I don't know you but I HATE YOU! It's people like you who I just wanna ******* punch in the face!! How can you say something so heartless?? A baby is not something you can have and kill as you please!!

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Too little, too late - sorry OP.

Had she not been shafted, it would have been incredibly difficult for her to get pregnant in the first place ;)

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Why is this buried this is awesome.

Oh gosh I'm first think of something cool...uhmmm First! Yeahhhh Nailed it B) But no that's bad news OP. Edit: I'm retarded never mind this comment...:'(

Locking the barn door after the horse runs away is never a good plan.

It just so happens that today I found out that the Japanese version of this proverb is "No point clenching your ass after you fart." It's very unusual, yet in this case a bit closer to home for OP.

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I know a lady from Vietnam who says, "It's like taking your pants off to fart"... possibly even more redundant?!!

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

Why would you congratulate her? She obviously doesnt want a kid at the moment. Thats like congratulating someone for losing their job, pretty damn rude if you ask me.

Well, she can abort it if she really doesn't want it, I suppose.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@129 Yep, she can. Every time someone posts 'Congratulations' on an FML about pregnancy, where the OP obviously didnt want it, its like they're trying to pressure the OP into keeping it. Bloody annoying.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Everybody is trying to get her to want to keep it. Obviously she wasn't ready for it right now. It's get choice. She's alive and the baby is not. If she is at a point in her life where a baby would do more harm than good, who are we to tell her to give up her life? People will probably thumb us down for this.

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Maybe because she didn't know she was pregnant in the first place?

Sounds to me like you knew the consequences but didn't care enough to do anything about it. I hope you are ready to take care of a baby for 18+ years!

Lil_Red777 21

first off you don't know that they weren't using protection. Condoms do break, my brother was a condom and birth control baby.

Also, abortion or adoption are options. OP may not be ready for a child.

frizz101 22

Abortion is not always an option

#60, abortion is killing a human being. Just search "digital x-ray of womb" on Google images and in the x-rays that are digital, you can clearly see that the "fetus" is the body of a human. But adoption is the right thing if op isn't ready for a child.

Laurenlou 24

Abortion should NOT be an option. Its a human life that has just as many rights as the mother who willingly had sex. With or without protection, anyone who is sexually active should be prepared for a child if protection fails. There is no point in killing an innocent life just because a girl unexpectedly got pregnant.

103-- it is not a life yet. Besides, there is a lot of people who are too selfish to put the kid up for adoption, but beyond terrible, abusive parents. If a kid is going to have the worst horrors imaginable happen to them, it probably would have been better if they were aborted.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@103 Safe and legal abortion IS and will ALWAYS be an option, and theres nothing you can do about it. You're sick in the head if you think forcing girls/women into labor is ok, are they just human birthing pods to you? Its ok if YOU are a virgin, but other people actually go out and share intimacy with others, and even though they use protection, sometimes, it fails. Did you know that everyone ejaculation contains millions of different sperm, every single one completely unique? Wanna save all them too and make masturbation illegal? Grow up. People shouldnt have their lives ruined because people like you want to take away their choice.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@77 Abortion should ALWAYS be an option.

nkklllll 4

Unless abortion would be dangerous for the woman. I'm pretty that's a thing.

your pretty so that's a thing??? I think you need to go to school and get some brains

With the amount of people who just say fyl/ydi, I think they should make it take up half the screen.

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Sorry to hear that OP, hope you are ready

Chellybelly92 14

Just gonna go on a limb and say the fact she wanted birth control says she wasn't really ready for a kid.