By Anonymous - 19/01/2016 01:46 - United States - Encino

Today, a friend told me that when I read, I make all the expressions the characters in the book are making. Apparently, I have been doing this since I was a kid, and no one ever told me. FML
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MisterKnowItAll 15

That's just cause you're really into the book

I sometimes realize when I do it. but when I do, I look around and see if anyone was looking.


MisterKnowItAll 15

That's just cause you're really into the book

cheshireau 26

That's right and I don't see it as a bad thing.

I see this as a very positive thing that can be channeled into other things. You're probably a very expressive person.

That's so awesome!!! I really don't see why this is an FML. You should be really happy about this.

I sometimes realize when I do it. but when I do, I look around and see if anyone was looking.

Yep, same here

Malsain_fml 10

Me too. An it is a sign that the book (or at least this very part) is good

Better late than never, right?

How does he know what the people in the book's expressions are? Are you one of those people who reads out loud every time or has he been reading along side you since you were a kid? If it's the first one ydi. If it's the second one that's really weird and I want to know more

whatunicorn 17

Um.. have you ever read a book? They usually describe what's going on like 'his face paled with fright' or 'she stared in astonishment' etc.. and as for the rest of your comment who cares if OP was reading out loud it was a friend not a stranger and for the last part of your comment OP probably just asked their parents if it was true.

Well 5, you can easily tell the looks on their face from the author saying like "He had a bewildered look on his face" "Ms McGonagall's lips pursed so hard they were paper thin". Its not rocket science.

#14, I think he meant how did the other guy know what the character's expressions are... Seriously. #5, he doesn't have to know what exclusions are what, he can just tell when his eye brows are pushed up, or when he had a sly smile, out maybe when he looks pissed off then the expression changes to sad while he's reading

@14 & 17: I think they know that much. I think what they are trying to say how does the friend know that OP is specifically making the expressions of the characters in the book since the only person who would know the expressions that they are making is OP himself, due to the fact the friend isn't the one reading the book and can only make the assumption that that's what's happening. It could easily just be OP reacting to what's happening in the book rather than them just mimicking the characters.

Just don't read too many horror stories! Haha. Seriously, that's not too bad and is kind of a funny quirk! Sounds like you really know how to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

hopefully you haven't been reading erotic books

OP should read ELEVEN MINUTES....;-)

whatunicorn 17

Not a bad thing OP; make it work for you. Read to kids or something like that, I think it's actually really cute.

you should take part in drama, you've been born for it might as well take your chances..

I hope you never read erotic fiction.

It's not a bad thing... I do this when I draw!