By Anonymous - United States - Hyattsville
Today, I gave a big presentation to my class. It included PowerPoint slides and video clips of the country I'd been researching. Another student did a presentation on the same country, except he just read from its Wikipedia page. He practically got a standing ovation. I got a single clap. FML
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  lionheart822  |  13

@41-You're not concerned with things seeming "lame" online. And yet you go out of your way to correct any grammatical mistake on the Internet. Yah;whom you's kidden?(that last sentence was just to piss you off). I'm truest sorry if it didn't work.

By  eksyneet  |  23

whatever, man. people can be really stupid sometimes. at least you know that you are capable of doing original research. you can be sure that at some point in your life you'll need that skill so I suggest improving it regardless of how much appreciation you get.

  dalink  |  24

Could be that OP has solid research skills, but not much in oratory. Doing a great presentation is more than the sum of your ppt and knowledge.

  wjh100  |  13

I put something in wikipedia incorrect and it got moved back to the most recent correct info in under 30 seconds. if you don't site the sources it just deletes what you wrote. so bs.


Not necessarily. I've changed a couple of pages on Wiki to something that's incorrect and it hasn't been changed for days! It just needs someone to report it or change it back. Now it gets changed quicker due to more people using it but in the past it was really unreliable source of information.

  RadikulRam  |  16

#8 You should check when it was last updated, and report your teacher.

My friends ALWAYS change wikipedia, don't cite and use it in arguments, they still can't figure out how I know exactly when they edited it, or their IP (wiki supplies IP for non members).

  feelingold  |  18

OP isn't upset about his grade (probably far better), he's upset about his lack of popularity. OP, here's a lesson: doing a full-on audio-visual presentation on Uzbogjanzakhistan is NOT going to get you any love from your classmates. Try getting a fake ID.