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  btnhdude  |  0

okay opendoorclosed,

your dad fell off a bike and got brain damage.

By  Carpy  |  8

Meh, that's one awkward moment down with many more to come. If she laughed or didn't think it was a big deal then she's laid back & you shouldn't worry much about it.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Exactly. It's a decent test. OP, you are not your parents. Everyone has been embarassed by his/her family or friends at some point in life. Don't make it about you. Laugh it offand move on.

By  MrXerxes5  |  6

@3 meg at one point does have a sex change operation though! and most people do think of her as a dude anyway. c'mon craig hoffman said he doesn't date dudes so she must really be a he.