By longlostkid556 - 05/06/2011 04:14 - United States

Today, the girl I have a crush on came over to work on a project. My dad rushed into the room we were in, farted, and then ran out giggling. FML
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CasualZombie 6

is your dad Peter Griffin? and are you by any chance named Meg?


CasualZombie 6

is your dad Peter Griffin? and are you by any chance named Meg?

Tell the girl your dad fell of a bike a few years ago, and got brain damage. :D

btnhdude 0

okay opendoorclosed, your dad fell off a bike and got brain damage.

boyguydudemalema 0

what's up with giggling dad fmls these days . . . i noticed a raise in their numbers, either its the same giggling dad or there is just a whole bunch of em out there.

OceanBreathesSal 5

ok was I the only one that noticed 1 called the OP a girl at an attempt to make a joke. the OP is a guy so he cannot be Meg. sorry but it had to be said.

CasualZombie 6

well there is a 99% chance Meg is a lesbian.

The_Moustache 6

Well there is a 99% chance Meg is a guy.

tsim_fml 0

51 - I'm pretty sure Meg is a guy.

CasualZombie 6

Kids these days. Oh wait, Dads these days.

57 - Meg is a girl from Family Guy. She's the daughter of Peter Griffin. Or at least that's what I think, never watched the series.

Wait, nevermind. Sorry 57, didn't realise that was a joke. IDIOTS UNITE!

1 are u an idiot, OP is a guy , and is not likely Meg

omg_a_BALLOON 0

76, You're an idiot for not punctuating your sentence.

megs a lesbian so she would have a girl crush

101- No.. Meg ends up getting a sex change and marrying a man. (:

atomicbaboon 0
atomicbaboon 0

it bounced off newton's head, rolled down the hill, and landed in a river which carried it very far away.

Lynne2 0

try to get Ppl to say ur pics funny? it's not....

bambiemassacre 0

causalzombie is Rly hot.. just saying

Just imagining the dad sticking his butt in the doorway, farting, and running away chortling like Peter makes me laugh my ass off XD

whybother8 0

wow would u do that to ur kid???

because its hilarious !!! but in the same time this FML is hard to believe.

iSitt 0

it's revenge for the embarassing things their kids did when they were toddlers

@1 did u realize it was a GIRL that HE had a crush on??

it never said OP was a straight guy either


supernerd352 7

55 such bad words for one so young. ******* america!!!

was your crush's reaction giggling? because if so, that could be a good sign that you still have a chance with her, if it's a disgusted face, then I'm not so certain.

Meh, that's one awkward moment down with many more to come. If she laughed or didn't think it was a big deal then she's laid back & you shouldn't worry much about it.

Exactly. It's a decent test. OP, you are not your parents. Everyone has been embarassed by his/her family or friends at some point in life. Don't make it about you. Laugh it offand move on.

@3 meg at one point does have a sex change operation though! and most people do think of her as a dude anyway. c'mon craig hoffman said he doesn't date dudes so she must really be a he.

that's a stinky situation! .....sorry "/

btnhdude 0

I'll show you a stinky situation, in the backside.... of your head.