By Anonymous - 04/06/2011 20:42 - United States

Today, I had to walk home in nothing but my snuggie and sneakers. FML
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JacksonCampbell 9

How'd that work out for you?

EmoGiana 0

I just wanna know why. :)


JacksonCampbell 9

How'd that work out for you?

I'm guessing that she received many prostitution offers.

snuggies are awesome but would never be caught wearing 'em

EmoGiana 0

8- I'm imagining OP is a guy, and that is why it is an FML.

EmoGiana 0

22- Not exactly. A girl is a girl. A guy will hit on you if your wearing a lobster costume, they don't care. All girls still have a.... Never mind.

Atleast OP was comfortable while being embarrassed and humiliated. I imagine he looked like a member of a cult.

violetdabomb 0

lol be thankful it wasn't just the sneakers....

They had old men following them, I would guess.

And I think it would probs be worse for a girl who might have to go back home to her dad...

I'll be lying on the couch just chilling in my snuggie[88] are you Bruno Mars by any chance? Bruno Mars going for a walk in his snuggie..

hi u r really cute ;-)

she's taken by her gorgeous boyfriend lmao

wow 97, think you're huge or somethin? feel the need for the tank top pic? haha lame... p.s. sweet pickup technique let's see how that works out for ya

Snowstar 0

More like "How many awesome people asked you out?"

Is it just me, or does 97 kinda come off as a douche?

You're saying it wrong, people now say "douché". viva la revolucion!

Di55le 9

ctfu u must of read my mind cause I was laughin at the same dude

#30, I don't know if you can see who likes and dislikes you comment but I accidentally pushed thumbs up...stupid iPod, but I meant for it to be a thumbs down 'cuz the comment is stupid.

Hahh I love how 97 deletes his picture...

Personally, I think that it's fashion forward. Good on you!

AA357 0

talk about the 'walk of shame'

Too bad it was a snuggle instead of the cloak of invisibility. Oh well, Harrry Potter with snuggle swag =).

cummbubble 0

i see you bruno mars. no?....

mintcar 9

153, way to go.

my snuggle is for camping and camping only, in freezing temps

now why don't ya teach me how to dougie

Metaltoiletpaper 0

this is how I walk everyday

skyttlz 32

173- but snuggies aren't super warm. mines thin.

atomicbaboon 0

ya know, it's really hard to agree with you when you use incorrect grammar. but I promise, I'm trying really hard to.

no wonder 153 is blonde

supernerd352 7

hangover 3

I'm guessing that came off as sarcasm?

suggies are amazing i walk around the house with mine on all the time no clothes on underneath on the regular!

97 - Are we all looking at his camera?

I came here a bit late, anyone mind telling me what 97 said?

Aryan_Sheen 0


cocksucking gypsy! lol i doubt its the legit whiteboy though :/

Ravens1001 0


afraidfurball 0

there are standards tho

afraidfurball 0

there are standards tho

mandasdrey 0

I'd like to know a's well

guitarman1998 0

#116 I voted down for you. Let's say this whole thing never happened *pulls out men i black memory eraser*

41- lmao haha that's why its anonymous

what did 97 say about me?:/

robotiick 12

97- hey does u wearing a tank top make ur dick feel big

I don't think it would be a good idea for ur name to be supernerd and have a pic of the alliance emblem

n_epic_fail 14

97-lol =] you all know damn well how comfy a snuggle is! a OP has swag ;) baha

fashion statement..plain and simple but to the point! it'll catch on like wild fire

well, she could have been walking home in just sneakers

Tuesdaythe10th 11

the thing i want to know is : why were you outside your home in a snuggle ?

sara8866 8

Some people would consider this a GREAT night and others would consider it a BAD BAD night it just all depends on who you are or who you ask!!!!

feelin' the breeze between the knees.

179- Why would a naked baby jump in a pool for a dollar? (Dont flame me, I know thats a Nirvana album cover)

Snuggie pub crawl, most likely

YDI for owning a snuggie, wuggies (or weezer snuggies) are what you should buy

laurbear12 3

Why did you wear a snuggie in the first place?

EmoGiana 0

I just wanna know why. :)

UnicornPukePink 0

Me too!!!!'

really? I just wanna know how comfy the snuggie was

@ 125 haha and me too

I agree. What happened to the rest of your clothes?

taking the beaver for a walk

yougotapes 7

didn't want to learn how to dougie

alexg823 0

Go cut yourself. lol, jk. I saw your posts in this "emo fml" and you said you cut yourself. Do you really? Thats weird lol.

lost12 0


187 how does that make sense?

She did it, she did it, she did it cause' she can... actually it might be he...

blanquito 1

where was he walking home from?

yougotapes 7

306 from Bruno's song... smh

At least you weren't totally naked!

I don't see what ops complaining about ... snuggies are freaking comfy ( and ever so stylish!!!^_^)

somethinorother 0

snuggie..... stylish : does not compute

137- snuggies are NOT comfortable... your back gets cold way too easily.

182, agreed, and who said they were stylish???

^_^ calm your ******* I was only kidding

itsmeyippie 0

who says he was wearing it on the front? maybe op had it on backwards (bare front side) and streaked their way home with a cape?

So.. you went commando?

Pray. Just pray that there wasn't a breeze.

Eggers 2

115- yeah because we obviously don't want the op to have had even an iota of enjoyment from that FML moment.

no no. this site could do without another miami heat fan.

puertoricanmafia: con q le vas a Miami?!? q traidor!! jajaja Barea es el mejor!!

puertoricanmafia 0

si empeze llendole a miami no puedo ser asi tengo q acabar cpn miami ! ;) en el corazon kiero q gabe dallas pero el dinero se lo puse a miami !

puertoricanmafia 0

epicxD lol! haha

Pray. Just pray there was no breeze

op should've traded in those sneakers for some slippers!

ive willingly done worse

That goos to know >.>

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MrSexyPants 14

Only the best invention of our generation.

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17- that's a pillow pet

A snuggie is a survival need. If I had one and someone stole it I would die, honestly just curl up into a fetal position and die.

are you seriously asking that question?

it's a blanket with sleeves!

dkid_92 0

Google it!

kaleighiscool 0

It's a robe turned backwards.

LilSideTwerk 0

A blanket with Arms

it's a horrible staticy backwards rode thts not even comfy

you're a moron, I'll tell ya that much!

and what's wrong with that I do it all the time :)

Outside? Yeah, me too.

SO IM NOT ALONE?! yesss.

so many questions...