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By epictothemax - 10/03/2009 20:40 - United States

Today, I went home for my grandma's 95th birthday. While there she noticed my new tongue stud and asked why I would get it done. Before I could reply, my cousin said, "So she can can make the boys happier when she's sucking on them." She's 9 years-old. FML
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lolajelly 0

LMAO i just want to keep up the pattern of starting the comments with LMAO

dang_fml 0

LMAO! smart kid


dang_fml 0

LMAO! smart kid

completely agree with 1

TrollHunter 0

hahaha I like fucking children

Person000 0

LMAO agree with 1

LMAO that is the best thing I ever heard. What did you grandma say to that?

brittanyrmh_ 12

She probably had an aneurysm right there and then

LMAO! had to start it the same way the last 2 people did. but ya smart kid. she will be very smart by the time shes your age ;) wow jk that was bad ahaha :P

no 9 years=grade 4 they know more than you think. some grade threes around here watch porn. o_0 LOLZ creppy...

I started watching porn in grade 5, I was young so didn't really have the good porn sites, so I just checked out scenes from YouTube :p I started actually jacking off to them in grade 9 , didnt know about jacking off before then, had never tried it haha

lolajelly 0

LMAO i just want to keep up the pattern of starting the comments with LMAO

LMAO this is fun lolz.

ashleyyy_08 0

hahahaha...i definitley had no idea what that meant when i was 9

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you broke the chain 

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y did u break the chain !!!! :_( :_( :_(

revanche 2

CCCCCOmbo breaker

where do kids learn these things?

thats what you get for showing your cousin porn?

epictothemax 0

lol my grandma about had a heart attack and my cousin was yelled at for a while. turns out she walked in on her babysitter going down on her boyfriend and put 2 and 2 together. it was really really bad

Assmilk 0

What's your cousin's number?

katiedoll6 7


You sick bastard

thats just wrong to ask

What'd ya expect from a guy called assmilk?!?!

wow, I bet your cousin was traumatized, what kind of babysitter has sex while working, gosh. was she fired? lmao

What the fuck does this comment have to do with anyhthing OP is saying?