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Today, my boyfriend tried to tell me that he was worried our child might not be mine because he was cheating on me when I got pregnant. FML
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konnermoses 0

he's not too smart :-/

wow ur bf is truly an idiot!


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yes, yes you are

Whoo. Throw a parade.

honesty at it's finest....

konnermoses 0

he's not too smart :-/

I'm lucky I thought about the FML before i commented on this because my mind processed it differently. So I concur, her bf is a dumbdonkey.

CatEyes66 0

He's not the biggest peanut in the turd. Huh!

notsocrazee 0

stupid and a cheater? double offence!

notsocrazee 0

stupid and a cheater? double offense!

PushMyButtons 5

oh my gosh.....your bf is so stupid I literally had to think about this one. the stupidity of this is amazing hahaha :) favorite-ed

40 speaking of doubles...

anon2468 0

what an idiot.. f your life dump the cheating dumbass..

chlorinegreen 27

I think he was just trying to act stupid. he either was completely stoned off of who knows what (no offense to the drug takers) or that was his "great plan" of telling you "I cheated and I want nothing to do with you or this baby so I'm going to act like a complete dumb fuck and tell you something stupid" thinking he would get off scott free. you sure know how to pick them op. FYL indeed

fthislyfe 22

#82 is totally right. there's no way one can be that stupid

crackiebob 0

your kid is going to have downs. abort it now!!

Double Wammy, ftw.

Is he a redneck? lol.

so... are you and kelso still together?

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maybe he was bi had sex with a guy still had the other guys semen on him and some how got it is her vagina. and also meant it might not be my kid cause I was cheating on u when u got pregnant! :p

and this is why mankind created birth control kids...

FreebirdIII 1

229, the husband was saying the wife who had the baby, might not be the mother.

juicedboi 7

I won't lie, I had to read that a few times to realize what was going on. Shoulda said it might not be his because you were thinking of another man during sex.

nope. and he should be castrated so he can't contaminate the rest of the world


morgan020 0

And to think this guy is reproducing :/

That1GuyUNo 0

AGREED, also how is there not more "You totally deserve it" votes. She went out with a retard and let him bang her. YOU DESERVE IT YOU IDIOT.

229 Sperm dies shortly after it comes into contact with the air.

Triple offenSe. Learn to spell.

some_shit 0

child support

zendaddy0 0

the guys and girls both trade something after sex that's why all my friends with girlfriends turn into pussies

read it once and thought okay... sooo what. read it again and realized the true stupidity going on here lol

hahaha that made me laugh .. i cant believe everyone just ignored that lol ...

Good luck. Hope you were cheating too cuz if that's his baby the Spartans woulda tossed that child.

pcentral 17

You're hot bro

aprilita 8

My exact thoughts!

Op you deserve it for being dumb enough to get pregnant and for dating this idiot.

Wow. I didnt think it possible, but you're dating a complete and total moron!

wow ur bf is truly an idiot!

jokes aside, lets just hope the baby really is hers!

I fear for the future with idiots like this...and I'm 15. I shouldn't be worrying about that kind of stuff. Hopefully your child will never meet it's idiot of a father. Even though that's messed up in a sense, it's all for the best.

I just hope the baby isn't his! though I guess anyone dumb enough to sleep with him isn't exactly on the nicer side of the gene pool.. it's like that movie Idiocracy where the idiots breed like rabbits and smart people like me die off cuz we can't get laid D;

Sonnii 1

people like him that should not be reproducing.....

Fave, only 'cause its too stupid. Lol

DeathMaple 3

81- Or the smart people use birth control and have up to 3 kids or so whereas the dumb people have like 5+

iTerrorized 4

Then who's baby is it?!?!?!

newnew8 0

HAHAHAHA , best fml ever !

spasticsam717 9

And how old is he?

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raney150 0

Well, he's old enough to get her pregnant, so he should be smarter than that.

wolfsoul 0

does it matter?..

Apparently, we're going to have another Amber and Gary. *sighs*

Boygenius50 8

HOW could you have let him procreate??!

he shoulda used birth control!

You deserve it for having sex before marriage

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AaronTkr 0

my typa guy.

stupid and a cheater is your type of guy?

Yeah he's a keeper alright. In the basement!

musicphreakk 0

He Is Dumb A'F

RockstarRN 10

Wow! I pray your child isn't as stupid as his/her dad! What a horrible way to find out he was cheating!

Seriously. I truly want to know how people like him *ever* attract anyone under *any* circumstance.

borichick1 0

or reproduce!

they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce if they're that stupid

I hope you cheated on him during that time to because it'd be a shame to have a child with that.

ahhh funny shit ;)

your hilarious. not

lilmisslovely13 15

why does this have so many dislikes??

icecreammintz 0

why is this comment rated so low? i mean seriously this is funny stuff.

bingababe 16

Not only were you cheated on, you were cheated on by a man with a negative IQ. Double fuck your life!!

Corry_fml 1

bahhhhahahahh Well Said

heh, make that triple, because she has his baby. jeez, it really doesn't get any better... |the kid|

that negative IQ remark was funny as hell

tpiper2852 0

sounds like a real keeper... not. I am sorry he is such a loser =|

lulututu 4

Woah. You have an idiot for a boyfriend