By Noname - 29/10/2008 10:09 - Slovenia

Today, they finally took my braces off. 7 hours later I fell off my bike and chipped my tooth. FML
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that would piss me off

Oh wow, I don't believe I've ever come across such a fine specimen of stupidity.


that would piss me off

YDI for riding a bike instead of someone's mom.

I litarly excuse my bad spelling went "ha ha ha"

i agree your life is fucked. it feels so good to get your braces off i would be pissed if that had happened to me.

Noname. You post way too many to be actually having these things happening to you. GET A LIFE.

Oh wow, I don't believe I've ever come across such a fine specimen of stupidity.

#5 Have you been drinking some stupid juice?

This isn't just ordinary stupid. This... This is advanced stupid.

#5, you're a dumb ass. It's noname as in "No Name," not some weird foreign name or something. LOL

^common sense just doesn't grow on trees does it? op: yeah, fyl. you can still get that fixed though.

Oh, ouch! At least you did it with some form of dignity (something normal like falling off your bike). I chipped one of my front teeth when I was a kid - I was spinning around on a basketball court, blowing bubbles, got dizzy, fell over and kissed the concrete. My camp counselors couldn't help me straightaway because they couldn't stop laughing.

the braces wouldnt have prevented that.. in fact it would have been worse cuz they woulda broken n fucked up inside ur mouth.. just get it fixed

number 5. noname isnt a real person it is a way to hide their real user name so people dont know who the embarrassing this really happened too