Dude, you OK?

By Anonymous - 30/04/2012 00:23 - United States

Today, I was so insecure, I got scared of what people might think of my fingers. FML
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I think your comment may have been cut sho

Psychologist? Psychiatrist? Psyduck? We will never know.


I think your comment may have been cut sho

DontModMeDammit 10

She was to insecure of her fingers to finish typing out the comment. Geeze don't have to be so harsh.

Psychologist? Psychiatrist? Psyduck? We will never know.

Definitely Psyduck. Nothing else makes sense

luckyd880 12

Maybe a psychic to foresee if op will ever get over the anxiety *crystal ball appears*

Psyduck ALWAYS makes me feel better when I'm insecure. He's so cute, he draws all the attention. So I take him out on small walks. So he doesn't get more popular tha

GoingToBeAPilot1 6

This thread made me laugh so hard :)

I want to meet everyone who commented on this and high five you all. Except Roxie.

wiggleyeah 3

No one will care about your fingers. They'll be more worried about anything else more noticeable if there is anything that is.

starman02 12

Hopefully not! Being worried about your fingers is bad enough.. Everyone sees your hand/fingers!

tehaustiebear 34

Well if every individual goes about their day worrying about their fingers, they won't have time to judge other people's fingers.

cakeddeath 1

My girlfriend loves my fingers… if you know what I mean.

Maybe OP is so insecure, that even little things like what other people think of her/his fingers makes her/him insecure...? You never know ...

I'm glad you understood the FML and rephrased it for us. Some of us would have never guessed that's what OP was trying to say. :(

I think as long as OP doesn't have Megan Fox fingers/thumbs, she'll be alright.

Shadowvoid 33

No one looks at your fingers...

Megan fox's thumb was exposed to gamma radiation and thus, the incredible toe thumb was born.

ColCyclone 17

This is like a very common anxiety isn't it?

afunnyterdcody 5

If your a girl u can out this fingers on tha D

I'm scared of what people might think of my feet...

atomicbaboon 0

i rolo'd on the floor laughing

Almond joying the puns you guys are coming up with. Don't stop now.

Don't worry, there is an incredible bounty of chocolate puns to use. I just need to have a break so I can think of some.

Well, as long as you're actually thinking and not just loafing around like an airhead... This is crunch time!

Well, right now I'm taking out my pun-making box kit. My kat scratched it and it looks like I'll be up until 3 masking the tears with tape. Please, have mercy on me...I did my best.

Heh, well, I should probably kiss off anyway. I'm starting to feel like a goober.

I think that I still have a few more Twix up my sleeve.

blackheart24 10

I feel like I owe u guys 100 Grand cuz your comments were so awesome. Hopefully I don't end up in some Mounds because I'm dying of laughter.

Hey ur from oceanside ca? I'm stationed at camp Pendleton haha small world

I remember when people on this site used to laugh at me because their puns went straight over my heads like an Aero plane. Now I laugh at theM old teasers.

Oh hey, 52, I'll stick around for a bit if it's PayDay.

Guess I didn't Hershey up in time to get a good pun, but all these puns made me chocolate on my water. Hilarious, but I think we can take a little Reeses from all the jokes.

Yeah, that might be for the best. I'm afraid we were headed for a Sour Patch.

You guys are really caramilk-ing this. I'm Mars-stounded.

Yeah, my brain's telling me to stop making puns, but My nards are telling me otherwise.

MrLefty 8

I spent a Big Hunk of my time laughing at all these puns. You're all Smarties being able to come up with them.

I really tried to "crunch" some puns in my head but I couldn't think of any by myself. So I asked "Mr. Goodbar" and he didn't know! So I was "foiled again" so I was stumped so my whole class helped me and gee they were "lifesavers".

Puns are sexy, what a great thread. Thank you :-*

what's wrong with your fingers that you feel people will spend time thinking about them..?

xMyAngelx17 0

people "like me"? elaborate please. I have my fair share of anxiety, even over this, since I broke my finger when I was younger and it doesn't bend the same way as the rest of my fingers do. I learned people really don't care about other peoples hands and little things like that. if they do, they really need a life. maybe there is something abnormal with OP's fingers too.

luckyd880 12

I think #17 read your comment as being mean but it's just hard to tell over text. I think you were ligitimatly asking. Not being cruel about it. Sarcasm is even harder to read over text, I have problems trying to get it across to people when I'm joking on here...

luckyd880 12

Where did #17 comment go?... Well now my comment makes no sense...great.

luckyd - makes sense to me. all of the comments they made are gone from this FML. and yeah, not being cruel. just asking. I mean for me i think peoples hands are extremely versatile and not something people usually judge you for. so being anxious about it is a bit out there in my mind.

Lol, now both comments are gone and my comment is irrelevant.

Pssssh well the person could be either super super fat or super skinny so maybe their hands are weird looking because of that?

xMyAngelx17 0

I have social anxiety and I freak out about little things like that:/

Well I wouldn't if I looked exactly like Katy Perry. Id walk around naked

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curlyfry33 8

Harsh... Isn't it only on her left thumb though?

Don't worry, I useful obsess with hands and fingers too, comparing everyone else's to mine.

I know how you feel :/ im so insecure that im afraid people think i walk weird ;s

mandadarling 10

You have strangely made me terrified to see your fingers...

wlddog 14