By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I received our gas bill for about £200. My flatmate felt that this was extortionate and therefore phoned up our gas company and angrily told them to recalculate the bill. They did. We now owe £300. FML
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  tbwrb  |  0

@11 a pound (£) used to be a pound (lb) of silver in saxon/medieval ages (that's medi-evil) both of which came from the libra measurement. Unfortunatly out in the colonies they no longer teach proper measurements I suggest you stop jabbing randomally at the keypad and let the adults talk, I do understand there are some of you out there who know how to talk, type etc. and mean no offence but to muppets like #11 get off the net.

  rubberjesus  |  0

am I the only one who realized #11 was joking, it was a bad joke granted but it was so obvious, if he knows what the pound symbol (sorry my computer doesn't have it) means then chances are he knows that pounds are british currency, everyone who thought he was serious is just as stupid as they accuse him of being

By  sourgirl101  |  28

It sucks but they sometimes estimate the amount. The complant made them do an exact check so you would of had to owed them the remaining amount next month any ways probly $400 or so. Find out why you're wasting so much gas.

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

You should start scrounging up all the pounds you can find, my friend. And might I suggest taping your "flatmates"'s mouth shut before he calls the water and the cable companies as well?

By  tiancai  |  0

How the hell do you spend so much on gas, unless your roommate is a Nazi and uses his room for a gas chamber. A can of gas lasts me a couple of months, and only costs ¥90.

  KaySL  |  24

Tiancai, I'd laugh, but you're probably just stupid enough to believe that, not to mention probably dream of gassing Jews, judging by most of your comments on this site.

Why bother coming here and mixing with 'degenerate Westerners', I wonder? Why don't you just piss off to your favourite Chinese ultranationalist forum and quit your bitching here? Though I guess you actually enjoy trolling this place...