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By  TomeDr  |  21

I think I’d have a serious chat with the oral surgeon who removed your wisdom teeth. And I’d want to see some x-rays from before your surgery and after. Sounds like someone screwed up big time.

By  wysegirl  |  20

one of my coworkers has 5.. I am one of the lucky people who will never has wisdom teeth

By  Seeya55  |  31

There are people who have had 6! Although, it's the dentist's fault for not checking your entire skull/jaw for them before the procedure. Put it on them to foot the dental side of the bill (as dentual is usually capped coverage and medical isn't)

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Wow was the dentist blind or did he not do x-rays,but I feel ur pain have had nothing but problems with my wisdom teeth all 4 of mine were misshapen top 2 had oversized Root's which broke my jaw being extracted then bottom right was a nightmare it was impacted,oversized had pushed 2 molars roots too the side with L shaped crown and the roots decided to grow around my jaw,I still have alot of issues with lower right but can't see a oral surgeon only 2 in isolated area I live but they don't take state med insurance last time I saved for years so I could travel two a nearby state for previous surgery's and nobody will touch lower left side because it's on a nerve cluster and degrading my jaw.

By  Mike Zeller  |  2

I had something similar. I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled at 12 because they were hitting molars in front on the bottom before they were even close to breaking the gum line. So they had to actually break the teeth and remove them in pieces. Well there was either another tooth forming or one started growing back due to being so young. But when I was 24 I had excruciating pain. It turns out that extra tooth not only was coming in, but because of having to break the teeth initially to extract them the tooth was cracked down the middle top to bottom with the nerve in between. So anytime so.ethi g would touch it or I would accidentally bite down the nerve would get pinched. The pain was so bad that I would completely lose my appetite if it got pinched so at 6feet tall I dropped from 145lbs down to around 112 lbs before I could get it pulled.