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Today, I accidentally said, "Bye, love you," to a co-worker as I clocked out. Before I made it home, I had six missed calls and a long text from my co-worker professing her love to me. FML
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give her a chance ;)


wow lol that's funny :D

Not so much for Op.

give her a chance ;)

That's what *I'M* talkin' about!

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she love u go ahead and get that

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she pretty?


run... run away .. and never return

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hah i can just imagine this person running away in slow motion at sunset on a beach.... of course while Chariots of Fire is playing.

So she's obviously crazy and now you're probably screwed. Good luck. Find a new job.

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Why? If you had fallen in love with some one and then they told you they loved you and walked away wouldn't you want answers?

"Bye, love you" doesnt exactly sound as a love confession to me. Besides, 6 missed calls and a long text message?? Thats a bit too clingy

Bow chicka wow wow... ;)

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Lol awkward everytime you see her ... just tell her it was an accident?

Awkward, but just tell her it was an accident. Not too hard.

lesbian lovers

I'm confused how did you get to that conclusion I didn't see any where, where it tells you op's gender

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I see you're new to this place