By Mandi - 28/08/2012 00:09 - United States - Cary

Today, I found out why my District Manager won't promote me to store manager; his wife thinks he's having an affair with me. If he promotes me, she will take that as evidence of the affair, and then will threaten to divorce him. FML
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I don't say this often, but... bitches be crazy.

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Well someone needs some marriage counsiling.


I don't say this often, but... bitches be crazy.

"got your back Jack". The perils of being attractive, hey OP?

Amen. Be nice if someone could invent some kind of repellant for people like wifey. I'd pay big time for a fat can of "psycho be gone!"

"Get that bitch some Xanax. Bitches need Xanax."

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I feel the sudden urge to make a reference to the amazing song that is "99 problems".

hopefully not the one by jay-z but the one by Hugo.

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Hit me... No, really, hit me. That song isn't amazing...

Lizza330 28

Well someone needs some marriage counsiling.

Well this just sucks no matter which way you approach it: 1) go talk to the wife which will cause problems & you'll probably lose your job (2) Lose your job because you refuse to be caught in a childish marital game!!! Call me crazy, but there's got to be some kind of law/policy to prevent

Dangit! My phone crashed and I couldn't edit my comment in time... I meant to say: "Call me crazy, but there's got to be some kind of law/policy to prevent this moral dilemma from messing with your career/ way to help you out." I know life isn't fair, but this just seems ridiculous to me that someone is prevented from a raise/position change because a crazy wife's assumptions. And to make matters worse, the Manager admitted this to OP!

I agree. By the way it sounds the company you work for should have an hr department or you should be able to contact his boss and explain the dilemma with them. It may be inappropriate for you to speak with your "boss" about it but if the other parties involved think you are qualified and that this is a problem then he may have little choice and his wife will just have to accept that. If the company she works at has to hire a different, inexperienced person for the job it could cost them a lot of money and most jobs won't see a personal life as a reason as to spend the extra $$.

There are way too many laws governing us already. Forcing an employer to promote their employee is rather ridiculous. It's called a promotion for a reason.

FirebirdF350 7

20, your comment is useless here, the point of this FML is that there are unfair circumstances involving this person's life in a monetary and social way, there should be an hr department because of this, so the manager could pacify his wife, saying there shouldn't be any more laws is ridiculous, since this scenario covers an issue where a new person would come in to full the then vacant lower position. Promoting within a company is healthy for that company.

FirebirdF350 7

20, also forgot to mention, obviously OP deserves the promotion, and the wife is the reason she's not getting it, nothing else. so why don't you demote yourself to not commenting for having a stupid comment, you earned it

Actually, seems like there must be some way for her to work it out with her boss. If he's honest enough to give her the real reason then it seems they have a decent enough trust with one another that they could put their heads together & figure something out rather than just go straight over his head & cause the guy grief from both ends.

That's really unfair to you, OP. Talk to your boss and try to let him see that this promotion can be life-changing for you and that he should resolve his wife's trust issues and give you what you rightfully deserve. Good luck, OP.

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If he really thinks you deserve the promotion he would promote you. Work life should be private from family life. I never talk to my husband about work or talk about my husband at work.

Sounds like it's time to go over the District Managers head & explain that the DMs personal life has no business affecting anything job related.

not much you can do. unless he is hot then giver her a reason to think that. J/K. Sounds like it is a no win and time to update the resume

have the affair. get promoted. win/win

Have the affair...with his wife. Win/Win/Win.