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Today, I went to my boyfriend's apartment to break up with him since he's always busy, and I haven't seen or spoke to him in almost 2 months. I arrived to find out from his landlord that he'd moved out 3 weeks ago, leaving a note saying that we were over. FML
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ikickgingers 15

After two months, whats the point?

bargarlm 2

What an ass. He took the big dramatic douchebag break up move. But ydi cause you should of realized something was up if it had been 3 weeks.


bargarlm 2

What an ass. He took the big dramatic douchebag break up move. But ydi cause you should of realized something was up if it had been 3 weeks.

Hey can I get millions more than you? Oh wait I already did.

it's true though... lil Wayne has mediocre music

Jaimegirl 7

So he didn't want to be with you, and you didn't want to be with him...FML?

38- it's also true that he's a felon and despote that has more money than you ever will. Not to mention you obviously haven't heard Tha Carter IV if you feel he's mediocre.

My dog ***** out things more enjoyable to listen to than tha Carter 4

Then you're not listening to the lyrics. Put the cd and analyze. Listen with your heart.

..... Yep. Still hearing shit dribble out my headphones. Want to talk about mainstream rap that has meaning in the lyrics? Listen to Watch the Throne. Jay Z and Kanye are real artists. Most mainstream shit is exactly that anyway. Shit.

Nothing about C4 is mainstream, excluding mirrors and shitty how to love.

Kanye jay z aren't real artists. But 2Pac Notourious B. I. G and eazy e are. Get your facts straight man

I guess this way you didn't have to be the one to break it to him

ikickgingers 15

After two months, whats the point?

Maybe she just wanted that one last pity break up sex, and some sense of closure. idk.

Unless he was deployed somewhere 2 months is still a long time to have no contact with someone and still think you're in a relationship and require closure.

leadman1989 15
ikickgingers 15

22. *looks at your profile* Weeesssstttsssiiiidddddeeeee Bahahahahahahahhahahahahaha Interwebz thuganomikz fo lyfe shun.

leadman1989 15

22. Don't get butt hurt especially when I haven't done anything for you to be butt hurt over. It's just the Internet. Kicky -- lmao, remind me never to get on your bad side.

Hahaha, sure he's a douche but you you can't say anything who breaks up with someone because they are busy, unless he's a jobless lazy asshole I'm sure he actually had stuff to do maybe like being in the process of moving.

Dude how can you have a girlfriend and not talk to her for that long I talk to mine from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed there's no exude for that this guy is a total dick

leadman1989 15

This is obviously a ruse to throw you off the trail of the real kidnappers whom are probably violently sodomizing him as we speak! Or he's just a cowardly douche who couldn't break up with you.

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I got to meet Weezy at the Gexa Pavilion in Dallas this year. He's ugly as ****, and super short. He looks like a tatted up 12 with a drug problem. You sure that's who you want to pretend to be?

leadman1989 15

41 Who's the guy in the background that seems like an interesting story. Lol

Haha a party with some friends. He was ferociously intoxicated.

If you hadn't spoken or seen each other in 2 months, it's not really a relationship anymore. You probably should have seen the end coming. No one is so busy that they can't at least text or call their girlfriend for 2 freaking months. It sucks that it ended this way, but it's not really too surprising given the circumstances.

ryukk_fml 3

Two months should have been a hint..

Why didn't you go see after 2 weeks? I wouldn't want to send you for help if I was injured/missing!