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Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. I had only been dating him for about a month. Thinking he wouldn't take it very hard, I invited him over so I could tell him in person. Little did I know he was going to start crying on my couch and not leave for 5 hours. FML
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Kudos to you for breaking up with him in person rather than by text. He would have probably handled it much worse (like crying for 10 hours on your couch) if you did that.

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Epic fail. Like you- oh wait, you don't have one..

Wow, sounds like something a middle schooler would do. It's only been a month after all.

You don't know the dynamics of the relationship so you can't judge. A lot can happen in a month.

Well I'm trying not to judge here, so sorry. But unlike (I'm assuming he's now an ex) boyfriend, I like to keep things at a steady pace and not get too attached too quickly in case things like this happen. I know that her (ex) boyfriend is not me, so you don't have to remind me. I'm not trying to start an all out debate on the matter, I'm just voicing my opinion. That's what the comments are for, after all.


My guess is that the couch was just REALLY comfy and he wanted an excuse to lay on it for a few more hours!

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that's not even something a middle schooler would do cause I'm in middle school and a relationship would never end like that

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@17 and you believe "voicing your opinion" ends after you give yours and everyone else has to shutup? how very wise and not in any way self serving of you.

Seems like 2 hasn't been in a serious, commited relationship.. Maybe jerking off less to anime would help..

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at 38 stop tryin to start stuff aain just chill out please

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for all we know the guy has been wanting this girl for years and finally got his chance and she crushed him.

yeah if he had a crush on her for a year or do and she finally let him in and then dumped him, that would be horrible

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5 hours? Jeez she should've "directed" him towards the door after like 10 mintutes... haha

38- I didn't say anything about "shut up" or "now let's just drop the matter" I'm just saying that I'd like it if people didn't argue because of my comment.

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96- if opinions about your nonsensical comments bother you that much, then you should probably not bother logging on. We can't be controlled. FYL for being hypersensitive.

100- Well thank you, I'm glad I have your sympathy.

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um middle schoolers wouldnt act like that i know cuz im in middle school

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um middle schoolers wouldnt act like that i know cuz im in middle school

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not even a middle schooler. I used to just be like "k. well you should give me that cookie." and leave munchin on a cookie

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wtf, why the hell do people think middle schoolers are so immature? get a life.

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.....seriously 24? I had a boyfriend kind of like this. we only dated for three months and were in a casual relationship (as we both agreed to) and when I dumped him he was like "you make me ******* sick" and "I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!" I was like holy shit I dated a pussy...

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...yes thats exactly the same. 3 hours of crying vs an emotional 2 line response. theyre so much the same i have trouble believing youre not the OP...

Imagine how long he would have cried if you dumped him after a year:|

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^ then the fml would end in "he's still crying"

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I don't understand 2. called him a middleschooler, and he gets thumbed down but 4 says he has issues and gets thumbed up.....

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67- 1 month took 5 hours, sooo, let's say he'd cry for around 60 hours.

39- So wouldn't that make you a lesbian?

120- That sounds about right. She did say she dated a pussy sooo....

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Atleast she had the decency to do it in person. It's not her fault the guys a wuss...

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yea, it's not her fault that the guy she dumped actually loved her and is still probably crying because she was his world. -__- (sarcasm)

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It was sarcasm. Although she should have known he would take it hard. You can tell when someone is totally into you, that is if youre not totally self absorbed to begin with.

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I would also like to point out that shes on here whining because she had to listen to him cry after she broke his heart. It should be FHisL not FHerL. Hes the one that got hurt. But boo-hoo poor her

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she is heartless. you dont only date someone for a month?

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You've got to be kidding me. What is she supposed to do, stay with a guy she clearly doesn't want to be with forever just because he'd be hurt if she broke up with him? If you don't want to be with someone, breaking up with them is FAR nicer than faking it. And there's nothing to indicate she did it in a mean way. All we know is that she did it in person, which is a point in her favor.

Kudos to you for breaking up with him in person rather than by text. He would have probably handled it much worse (like crying for 10 hours on your couch) if you did that.

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This might come off a little (or a lot) asshole-ish/heartless, but I think in this situation I would prefer to have broke up via text. Him crying 10 hours somewhere else besides my sofa is better than him consuming 5 hours of my life sobbing like a maniac. Move on, plenty of fish in the sea. Seriously...

I just went through the same thing. Except we were at a park and for three hours he was trying to convince me I was wrong.

Perhaps you are his first, making him so emotional about it. And SMS is always the best.

I guess that you're one of those gutless and heartless people who never break up with someone face to face . please grow a pair :)

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I agreed with #7 until I read "SMS is best". how the hell is SMS best?!

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Breaking up with someone over text message is the worst possible way. It pretty much feels like your not even important enough to deal with in person.

you know what they say, God loves a crier.... oh wait

Well be happy you could dump him without the possibility of dying.