Nice try, Janet

By Anonymous - 06/04/2014 19:37

Today, I witnessed my psycho neighbor put her cat in a cage, cross into my backyard, and set the cage down before returning to her house. She then called the cops and claimed I'd stolen her cat. The cops didn't believe my side of the story for a second. FML
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Why would you steal a cat and then just leave it in a cage in your garden?


I feel bad for the cat. Not only does he/she have a psychotic owner, but this shit had to happen to that poor cat. FHL.

I don't understand why OP didn't just bring the cage back to their neighbor's yard after the neighbor went home to call the cops.

75, what better evidence can there be than a nice little photo of OP holding the caged cat (whether on the neighbour's, or OP's own backyard)? Best would be not to leave any fingerprints behind.

75, OP wouldn't have known the cops had been called until they arrived.

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op, you should install some cameras in your yard to prove that she is a nutcase.

Why would you steal a cat and then just leave it in a cage in your garden?

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You might want to reread the FML again.

frizz101 22

I think they mean why would the cops believe OP would steal a cat and leave the caged animal in their garden.

NotGabe 28

Ah, gotcha. Sorry bout that.

Gearden 8

1st step: Steal neighbor's cat.2nd step: Put cat in garden. 3rd step: ??? 4th step: Profit.

The police probably think he set up some cat trap and caught it, but didn't, know that he caught the cat.

why put a stolen cat in the open of the backyard??

Because that's what all cat-nappers do

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Better yet why steal a cat?

I think this FML desperately needs a follow up.

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That explains the psycho part.

Because people totally steal things and then leave them in the open for the neighbor who it was stolen from to see. Makes sense.

"Everybody was Kung-fu fighting! Ha! Judo chop!" That's what came to mind when I saw your profile picture. *crane position*

your profile pic matches with your comment so well

Yeah. Because the little Pikachu in a karate outfit couldn't possibly remind someone of a song about Kung-Fu fighting. Next time I'll make sure not to make any pop culture references.

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Your neighbor needs help, perhaps some time in the rubber room in a straightjacket.

"Help"? I'm always happy when they let me into the bouncy room. The straitjacket makes it all the more fun!

martin8337 35

#13, how do you dial a telephone while wearing a straightjacket? Gave you a thumbs up btw.

Same way I'm posting this comment: with my tongue.

A rubber room? Are padded cells where you're from just bouncy castles?

Well that's just stupid on her part ._. Would there be a reason your neighbour hates you OP?

Atleast she doesn't know you're a vampire.

And leaves garlic in your back yard

There's always that one bitch neighbor everyone has. Yours just takes it to the next level.

But why would the neighbor risk her own cat like that? OP could have unlatched the cage and let it escape, for all she knew.