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  Trollinggx3  |  0

I wonder how many times I've read a FML thats just like this. Some girl who's boyfriend is cheating on her w/ another guy. This is why the site is going downhill. Nothing is original anymore.


People like you are what's annoying. Honestly. I've read probably every single FML on this website. Yes, some of them are similar. Obviously. Anything on here that sounds so far out and "original" is probably a fake, if not, it's funny. I'm not saying that FML should be this boring site where everythings the same. But it is bound to happen. It's just a site, not your life.

By  thetangobeth  |  0

I only put "you deserve it" because it's one thing if he was cheating on you with another girl; that shows he just doesn't care and didn't have the courage to break up with you. But, if he's cheating on you with a man, he's genuinely unhappy and confused about his orientation. I don't know what your circumstances are with him or how it ended, but what he might need right now is some TLC.

By  Subtext  |  10

I'm really sorry and everything, but to be honest...these daily FMLs about the boyfriend suddenly turning gay and making out with the ex boyfriend are getting old...