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By  ATTILA_fml  |  0

its okay nigga tah @ gunna fuhkk wit you cause wat u iZ Str8 DroPPiN!

Dont let kno niggaz discourage you. we already kno you iZ a TrUE BeAUtY Qu33N! Juss LiYke MeH NiGGA FAmOUSE AcE! FRee SLicKPuLLA And B-ReAL NIGGA FuHkk WIt Meh!

  n_london  |  0

Jesus I hope you're joking. I think you should lose your right to use the internet if you type LiKe tHiS, and if you cannot form a single coherent sentence.


"Since I just got promoted, I just thought you two should know; I take my coffee with a little milk, two sugars and a lot less of your bullshit."

"If Romeo had just masturbated a couple of times a week he would have saved both those nice families a heap of trouble."

George and Daisy woo me still.

By  perdix  |  29

Ouch. Now you are going to have to pay money for rent, unless you can find another "landlord" who will be your "boyfriend."

And we all know that is urban slang for a landlord who accepts payments in blowjobs, but if you want to get your place painted, you have to screw him. New carpet? Anal.

By  cthulhu1138  |  1

That may be illegal. Many states require you be given 30 days' notice. If he doesn't agree, you can always get a court order.

FYL for having such a douche-bag for a boyfriend.