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By  FluffythePink  |  8

I suspect the you deserved it & that sucks numbers are a male/female split.

However. As female I know better than to attempt conversation with a male who is concentrating on ANYTHING other than me. I've found in life that multi-taskers (male & female) tend to judge and blame mono taskers for not being able to, say, watch tv and talk at the same time...
Woman: stop being gross because you want attention while he's watching something.
Man: pay more attention to your woman when you aren't concentrating and keep an eye on your gross little snot fiend in general. She has a nasty sense of humour that should not be left to it's own divices...

By  Sinshine  |  27

What is she? A cat that pisses in your bed when you don't immediately come looking when she meows? It's time to have a serious talk about respect and neediness.