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By heatherjo - 02/11/2011 04:49 - United States

Today, my fiancé told me he wants to buy an engagement ring for his mother, so that she doesn't feel left out. FML
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The day they are getting married mamas walking down the aisle too! So she don't feel left out

it's your thought that doesn't count bud.

yeah the thought that he wants to marry his mom or some other creepy thought. . . RUN OP RUN!!!!

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Sweet?! More like highly disturbing!!

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What the **** is in your mouth? O_e

A pickle? Shit? Play dough? Paint? Peanut butter, green paint and corn? o.O

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#11...I'm going with shit. Do I win? lmao


What begins? Did I miss something?? Why do my question marks keep increasing???

Psycho mother in law butting her nose into Their relationship, her son hanging out with mama more than fiancée... Umm god forbid they have children mom in law will try and force a name on them and son will go for it

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Aaahhhh, I moderated this one ;) Tell him that he can just go marry your mom then... :)

Why would he marry OPs mom? It is his own mother that he will be buying the ring for

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Why does this have so many thumbs up?

Jesus Christ! It's comments like that that could get you cruicified.

Please pardon the triple post my contact fell out and FML decided to hit enter 3 times as i frantically put it back in

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12- Thank you for being a complete douche and insulting Jesus. -.-

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You doubt me? They're both correct...

My fiancé would probably do the same. Stupid mommys boys!