By swim5 - 31/03/2012 12:22 - United States - Tempe

Today, my boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me because he is moving. He's only moving 20 minutes away. FML
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To be closer to his new girlfriend


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Exactly. I don't know why people are thumbing you down because that's exactly what I was thinking. He's not going to end a relationship because of a 20 min drive if he really liked her. Edit: ok now they're thumbing you up lol..

Today, my girlfriend got so abusive, that I was forced to move. I lied to her about moving far away, and she found out. FML

-17, that's very obvious. Anyone could predict that.

^The jealousy is strong in this one.

alliewillie 22

Also depends on age. If they can't drive and no longer go to school together then I can see why he would have ended it. It's only been three months.

Brannie 4

hey, my friend's boyfriend broke up with her because she was going to the local community college..

"Boyfriend of 3 months." it wasn't like a 3-year bond, it was new-car fresh, maybe he decided it wouldn't work. Sorry OP, but I think there's more to this story (Or less to this relationship).

I don't think he's just that into you.

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Have you saw gas prices lately? It aint exactly cheap, you know...

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They're thumbing him down because you and him are stating the obvious.

DeadxManxWalking 27

To be closer to his new girlfriend

xXxIracebethxXx 14

20 minutes closer to his new girlfriend, and 20 minutes further than his ex? Smart man. He would also have a 20 minute head start at running away if the ex finds out and becomes psycho. :)

This is my favorite comment of the day haha

you dont know that. op could be a psycho bitch and thats why hes blaming the break up on the move, as opposed to the real fact to make it easier for her

^I don't understand why you're getting thumbed down, you make a perfectly valid point. Although his excuse was pretty lame, OP could easily be a clingy bitch only telling one side of the story, but there are just to many variables to take a definite side. The people who thumbed you down are either a.) Feminists who think it's always the guy's fault or b.) Are taking sides just based off of the FML.

I completely agree with #21 and #16. You can't really speculate on who deserved it and who didn't because you don't know the story behind it. Stop being jerks and thumbing him down.

24- with that logic, we should completely get rid of the 'YDI' and 'FYL' voting buttons. Every single FML gives too little detail and context for us to know who to blame. Welcome to the Internet, everyone's a jerk.

I remember reading an FML where some guy threw rocks at a homeless man and got chased with a knife, it was pretty clear that that particular OP was to blame.

79- maybe the homeless man was begging for spare rocks?

79- maybe the homeless man was begging for spare rocks?

Oh, he just doesn't like long distance relationships. He couldn't possibly drive the whole twenty minutes and back once a week to see you. Too much work.

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My boyfriend lives three hours away and we have been together for a year so distance is no excuse

^Please read entry on sarcasm(pg 52). Thank you.

That's only so he can easily cheat on you, cos you are probably a stupid ugly bitch with a failing love life

bingababe 16

The price of fuel is insane these days. A 20 minute trip can cost a fortune.

Its called walking, biking, or using public transportation for those short distances your doing

Mowampa 1

I don't think you understand how far one can get in a single 20 minuet car ride. It's farther than someone would want to bike or jog. And if you don't live in a big city then bus routes don't go everywhere

too long of a distance to ride the bus or ask for a ride huh?

Not all of us like hitchhiking for rides, or getting rides from people all the time, hun. I for one like to be self-dependent.

You can be independent and ride the bus.

He must not be one for long distance relationships... Wait.

Seriously, if he can't make the effort to see you 20 minutes away, there's no point in dating him anymore.

Mowampa 1

This guy could just be a sophomore in high school with out a drivers license. How far can you get with out a car.