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By stuck - 19/09/2011 19:31 - United States

Today, I went to see my boyfriend with the intention of breaking up with him. Instead I discovered that he lost his job today and has to move back in with his parents. I can't bring myself to dump someone who's already crying about his horrible day. Now I have to comfort my soon-to-be ex. FML
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Help him find a job,then when he's back on his feet and doing well, see if you feel the same.


Even if OP waits a few days it will still look like she broke up with because he lost his job. Either she looks heartless or stuck with him for a littlewhile

Crea8urWorld 5

Shoulda just done it. Why have two horrible days when you only have to have one!

enonymous 8

FINISH HIM!!! Sonya wins. Fatality

Hey op I'm from mass too I say you ditch that jobless bum and we can share a laugh at his expense

Hey op I'm from mass too I say you ditch that jobless bum and we can share a laugh at his expense

cscc912 7

Well it's respectful that you're still considerate for his bad day even though you're breaking up with him :)

Let him think he's got some stuff left. Putting too much pressure at once is never good.

You should really explain your reason for breaking up with him, and at least still talk to him some. Maybe you could work things out?

YourEvilHero 12

this is when fml needs a follow up site. I want to know what happens next.

OP, if you want to break up with him that bad, just be nice about it, tell him the real reason, and just let him know that if he needs anything you'll be there for him. That's the one thing I can't stand about seeing relationships end, when each party just forgets the other involved or they don't renown friends.

ElainaCutsYou 0

Just dump him, but still let him live with you :)

That makes sense in fantasy land, I suppose.

chickenwalrus 14

I don't think they live together if op had to go see her boyfriend??:0

shut up, you dick! my uncle commited suicide because his girlfriend left him when he was already in a horrible situation! so shut the **** up!

KingOfAmazing 9

129- Chill out. Because honestly, I hate to break it to you, but no one cares.

just dump him already!! why deal with the bitching hes gonna be doing???

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's quite a difficult situation to be in. I was almost in a similar one, but thankfully I missed it by a day. It's still crazy to think what could have happened had I delayed breaking it off. OP hopefully it'll be a lesson not to put off talking about your relationship when something's not right in the future.

Maybe she still cares for him, but doesn't want to be in a relationship with him? Christ people on here are so cold.

4 it's not as easy as you think it is, then again you don't seem like you've had too many anyway

# 4 there's a word you may not know... It's called sympathy

meatbunss 1

You're giving him false hope, which is more cruel than breaking up with him. If you're not going to be there for him, don't pretend to.

MasterE56 4

Take his money while he weeps >:) JK.. That sucks

lolololer 8

i dont think he has that much money anyway since he lost his job and has to move back with his parents..

cash_monkey72 9

Well it makes him slightly less crushed about his day. For now that is.

starquality 7

Help him find a job,then when he's back on his feet and doing well, see if you feel the same.

I agree with this!! it seems like she still cares..if she didn't then why wouldn't have she just broke up with him anyway? if I was just sick of him I know I would have :/

I don't think I could break up with anyone who's already that devastated, no matter how sick I was of him. And nice of you to consider his feelings, OP, just make sure you don't let it drag on for too long :)

effyoubitch 5

Eww snakes creep me out. Not nearly as much as roaches but they are still scary.

I totally agree with this! You never know, maybe the stress of his last job made him not as likable. Maybe OP will have a change of heart.

phoenixslayer69 4

Be honest and tell him to man up and deal with it.

shooterbuddy 8

Why the thumbs down . People get a grip and try live in the real world . Shit happens .

It sucks to be kicked when you're down and most people know that, which is why you two got thumbed down.

phoenixslayer69 4

But would you rather get kicked over a few weeks or get all the pain over and done with. Personally I would prefer it all at once