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Today, I went to a coffee shop with my friend. The guy rang her up and said it was only a dollar as he winked at her $10 purchase. Then he rang me up at completely full price. She got his number and I got to be the ugly friend once again. FML
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You don't need a guy who works at a coffee shop anyway. You probably deserve better.

You gotta stop comparing yourself to your friend or you'll never be happy.


It's ok beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Says the douchebag trying to look like he's not flexing in his shirtless profile pic.

Wow lol I'm sorry to say I like to be in shape we can all be obese Americans like u. 2 why are u hating.3. I'm far from shallow dusche bag I prefer women with a big heart than a pretty one whose a straight bitch

I agree with 14

If you preferred a woman with a big heart, you would attract her with class and personality. You are using your body as a profile picture, shows a lot doesn't it?

I believe I live in America I can put up any picture I want to put up that's kinda in the bill of rights. 2. What LOSER tries to pic up women over the Internet u don't know what I wear on a daily bases in the general public so u can't judge me. This is fml not a dating website so I don't care what profile pic is up

How do you know he is an obese american, he who is far from shallow? And even if he is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember?

But don't forget I'm the one being judged because of my profile picture

Dont listen to the haters...they are jealous and immature for even starting crap on really?

#24 - Yes you can put up any picture, it doesn't mean I have to like it. Some of my personal friends have met each other online and are now happily married, I do not appreciate you calling them "losers". I'm going now, arguments aren't really my thing on FML.

Says the guy who made the argument worse..

But funny thing is I don't follow that philosophy

28 - True. I wasn't arguing about your shirtless picture, just stating the irony in your previous comment.

I got the moves like Jagger ~

I Agree with u it is ironic that I would say that but I'm just defending myself that's all even bought bough I really don't need to

Dude, you may wish to observe a little bit and get the flavor of FML, rather than making one thumbs down after another comment.

It seems that #1 and everyone defending him are fairly new around here. Here's a tip. It's a pretty tight-knit community here. If you get some thumbs down, the just take it and move on. There's no need to fight for your point, because believe it or not, not everyone is going to agree with you. We all post comments that get buried, so why sweat the small stuff? Just move on.

How do people keep checking out those profile pictures? It doesn't increase in size when you hover over it, you have to manually click it, which is a lot of bother if you click on every single one. And you can't even spot a pic which might look interesting in this tiny size, it's just a jumble of colors.

I can't believe I took the time to read these comments

Woah, what a great thread, gosh, how I've missed FML.

#1, there is nothing wrong with your pic, and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholders. Come on, people, leave the hate. Sorry for you, OP, don't let it get you down, you will find your perfect match, then none of this will mater.

Dlcj22, while I admire your ability to get and stay in shape, I can assure you that your "bill of rights" doesn't apply here. First, this site is French, not American. Second, I don't believe the bill of rights protects your ability to choose a profile pic. If you put up an offensive picture, I guarantee it would be taken down by the mods and you would risk being banned. I do this public service for you and all noobs because I fucking care.

...This has been 'A Public N00b Announcement' by DocBastard. DocBastard: "Because I fucking care." Now back to your regularly scheduled FML.

Lmfao doc ur funny as hell I understand the site is French

I was just simply stating that I am free to put up a pic without my t shirt if I want it's nobody's place to judge and yes I know I can get banned for putting up offensive photos any website reserve the right to ban members if they put up offensive photos what I don't get is why people are upset with the comment I made initially because I have no t shirt I believe this site was made so that other people can relate to a problem u may be having and to let you know ur not alone in a fml world

People here tend to get judged when they put up specific picture types - girls with duckfaces or in too-revealing clothes, guys who are shirtless. You went way off the road with your hypocritical statements about attractive women and how "plain Janes" have more to offer. Reverse bias is still bias, friend.

Your right I am biased I won't argue that based on the simple fact is I get the same results everytime I date

This is the FUNNIEST fml ever! this guy is so owned on comment 8.. popcorn galore!

Shame I actually thumbed you up until I saw what a hypocritical douchebag you are. Now I can't take it back.

89 - Punctuation. Use it.

To 101 I really do think beauty is in the eye of the beholder everybody like different things the op shouldn't feel bad cause the barista gave her friend a discount and not her

Hey guys... Uhh... Let's get back to you know.. the FML. :)

But this shit is so much more fun...

The moderators are going to close these comments soon...

96- you get the same results every time? what are women to you, science projects? You act like you've dated every women alive.

24- Learn to spell for fucks sake. I could not even read your comment because the spelling is so bad.

no not every women alive but so far i havent been proven wrong but yes there are exceptions out there i just havent found them

He's saying he is a male whore who has sex with any girl he can using his body as bait. Shallow, man-whore....

you can stop hating so much. Its funny cause i dont go out in public with my shirt off so i can bait them into sleeping with me turd. But you know me so well cause we are bros and hang out all the time

150- you changed your picture lmao!!!

Yes it's annoying because it's all they can talk crap about is the pic

But no women are not science project to me there human beings with feelings and all

96...give it up dude, you will never out wit DocBastard, he's a little above your IQ level. Sorry to let you down, but the truth hurts.

I'm not trying to compete with anyone chief how about u stop instigating

157...guess he got the point!!! lmao!!!

Hey guys... Uhh... What did I miss?

178, some of the funniest shit ever.

I dont understand how he posts a picture of himself without a shirt on makes him a hypocrite. That's how he looks; why should he cover it up? He's fit too- personally it wouldn't bother me if he was fat or fit. Also he judges OTHERS on how big their heart is, he's not judging someone else with his picture. It's just a picture of him, thats how he looks- in shape. Why do you have to look past that and try to create something that isnt there? It's nice to see someone straight up say that he judges people on their personality not looks. It's nice and rare to see these days.

Aaaaaaand...scene! Great job, everyone. I think that's a wrap. Go take 5 and grab a Vitamin Water. You're beautiful. I mean that. Beautiful.

188 - I posted a comment opposing you, but doc is closing the curtains. I can't disobey doc, You do not disobey the doc.

Personally, I'm judging him because he said he doesn't care what people think about him, yet instead of just giving it up (something long term FML'ers know..) he's fighting for people to see him in a "certain way." Oh and back when it was a shirtless pic, that, plus his profile, make him look very full of himself

I think the duckface pics are to show awareness of the horrors of anaphylaxis.....or showing off their DSLs.

So does that mean i have to change my profile picture now since its shirtless? :(

I don't have to know you if you brag about "always getting the same result." either you sleep around, or your a virgin. And I'm pretty sure your not a virgin. So yeah. You are a manwhore and an openly admitted man whore. As the girl said "you treat girls like science experiments." and she's right.

I just want to point out that if he wasn't fit and posted a shirtless picture of himself he wouldn't be getting yelled at like this.

I understand what he's saying. Why is he being punished for lack of shallow behavior?

its funny because im not fighting for anything specific or fighting for how you perseve me. Heres a question do you know me? do we hang out? do we oovoo, aim,skype, im or facebook no so you have no place to pass judgement.

215 - I never judged you on your old pic, or this new one. I just find it pathetic you have to argue with people over the Internet. Shows how insecure you are.

You don't need a guy who works at a coffee shop anyway. You probably deserve better.

Probably? She DOES deserve better.

2 - What's wrong with working at a coffee shop? She deserves better because he's a shallow imbecile, not because of where he works.

lol this fml is funny.. comment 8 , this guy just got owned by another guy

WTF? What's wrong with working at a coffee shop? And what about her insecure, whiny post indicates OP deserves better? Everyone here seems to be pretending appearance doesn't matter or insulting the man for being shallow. Bullshit. Something has to initiate our desire to get to know someone better. For many, it's looks and that's okay. For some it's humour, grace, intelligence, etc.; one catalyst isn't better than the other. It just ignites a spark; as long as you then go digging deeper, it doesn't matter what the spark is. OP, grow up and get over it. I've run out of ways to say this nicely. Not everyone in the world finds you attractive, your friend attractive, or your friend more attractive than you. If you're claiming your life sucks because a stranger doesn't think you're beautiful, you need a serious grasp on perspective. Everything isn't about you. This is their story so stop trying to be a character in it - go star in your own.

112: Cheers for logic. Gotta say, I don't see what the OP is whining about; obviously Coffee Guy was interested in her friend, so why is the OP butthurt about him not asking her out too? If he did ask both girls out she'd just be back here bitching about that. Stop being so insecure and move on with your life, OP.

Definitely siding with 112. And really, would it be any better if he was hitting on BOTH of them? Then it just seems like he wants to get laid so any woman that walks up, he gonna try.

Yeah, exactly. And unless he covered those nine dollars from his own paycheck, OP can report him and then he'll be jobless to boot.

187, I'm sure he is aware of that, but really, telling OP to sabotage what could possibly be a good relationship because the guy didn't ask her out? What a bitch.

Yeah, I don't agree with ruining the relationship, I'm just pointing out that a scorned woman can do some pretty crazy things.

Next time just Op just make your friend pay for both things. Then you'll both get 1 dollar coffees. Obviously this is a recurring issue. You gotta prepare for that and learn to live with what you can't rise above.

well hell, nothing's wrong with people who work in coffee shops. Just because a job isn't prestigious don't mean the person doing it is a douche.

well hell, nothing's wrong with people who work in coffee shops. Just because a job isn't prestigious don't mean the person doing it is a douche.

Fml should add along with the fyl and ydi a " stop complaining" button

I'm in a bad mood today so I say report that shit to the manager

112, As soon as I read the first few comments I groaned internally expecting another flurry of bullshit responses. Thank you for turning it around and being a light of common sense in a sea of stupidity.

If OP is THAT insecure, she should go get some uglier friends...

289 - maybe she shouldn't use people. she doesn't have to get her way all the time, nor does anyone else. maturity is coming to terms with this

you can do better than a douche working at coffee shop.

I agree with this comment

Lol the irony is so intense it's flattening my clothes.

OP definitely can do better because he honestly sounds like just another guy who buys girls drinks to get them to like him. If he brings her a silver platter with tickets to the next big game, then maybe she can be jealous.

Is that right? A douche working at a coffee shop? How do you know he doesn't own the coffee shop and 100 others just like it? How do you know he isn't just working there to put himself through business school or law school? "Judge not, lest people think you're an asshole." I may be paraphrasing a bit.

39-I think the reason why OP had to pay full price is because the guy couldn't sell the products for only $2.

He was hitting on her friend so he's a douche...? Wouldn't hitting on both them make him a douche?? Considering instead of just trying to go out with her friend he would just be trying to pick up any girl he could...

Doc is right yet again. not to mention who says he just doesn't have preferences. Blonde vs brunette tall vs short etc.

Woah get off your high horse man it was just a comment. N guys who work at coffee shops r douches. They're either gay or really ignorant

I don't understand how he's a douche? If he would've got both of your numbers, he would be considered a pig. If he got one, the other whines about her insecurity on FML. Dafuq?! Immature women, you can never win with them.

A douche? Just because the guy liked the other girl?... Everyone has different tastes. Just cause he didn't like OP doesn't mean he was a douche.

You gotta stop comparing yourself to your friend or you'll never be happy.

It's kinda hard when her friend pays 1$ for sexy time and she has to pay 10$ for nothing time.

I hope that was a good coffee... Even my vanilla latte's from Starbucks are only $5... I hope you got a muffin or something too...

Happens to me all the time but heck do I care! Tho' it hurts, I know one day you'll find someone who can appreciate your beauty. :)

It happens with me and my best friend. =

Just because one person doesn't find you attractive don't think that means you're ugly...different people like different things

Apparently no one likes my beauty in the eye of the beholder comment let me explain just because the coffee guy doesn't think I look good doesn't mean someone better who comes along will think the same way. Plus it just means he's shallow. U don't want that

Get that BS outta here.. with your little star tattoo self posing in front of a bathroom mirror. Surprised you didn't cover your face with your phone or have half of the picture hidden by flash.

See what u fail to realize is that ur judging me based on one pic I put up but u don't know how I act or anything life experiences has taught me when u date dime pieces u either get cheated on or left for something better so I prefer dating 1s,2s,3s,4s,5s, etc

So you're argument isn't really that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but pretty girls are rotten so you're better off with average looking girls? In other words, judging by looks... just in the reverse direction. Bro, disconnect you're computer from the outlet. Go color your little star tattoos with a silver marker.

34 - Just stop. Please. I could care less what profile picture you put up, but your grammar and spelling is atrocious and I don't even know what the hell you're talking about anymore. You're making a fool of yourself.

Bro why are u arguing its fml I really don't care what u think ur judging me base on my pictures

And if u carefully read my comment I did say life experiences has taught me this meaning I've dated all types of women and I prefer average women because they have more to offer

You seem like a hypocrite, 47. You're criticizing the coffee guy for being shallow, but your comments sort of make me think that you're more shallow.

Oh.. you've dated all types of women and now you're donning your life experiences on the likes of me and these average joe's on fml? How do you get all those girls.. is it those little twinkly star tattoos? Please feed me more bullShhhh. I need it to grow up and become a big strong pirate.

47- You just sonnnned!!! --- madden12 is your daddy now I seriously just made this account to write that comment -- PEACE OUT!

Madden12, why are you such a hater? You seem very jealous and shallow. Why can't we all just get along?

You guys should leave him the fuck alone! His grammar sucks but it's not your place to judge his picture or take the mick out of his tattoo's.

72, 73. Are ya'll the "1s2s3s4s5s" this poor soul who has been cheated on by beautiful women is in search of? Maybe you can understand his pain more than I. I'm too simple minded I guess.

Dude I'm gonna be simple get off my nuts for real ur being completely retarded as for the girl who thinks I'm being a hypocrite I don't go around saying to women ur a 1 or 8 it's just to emphasize the point that I don't really care too much about looks. But if u think about it everyone has a type it can be something superficial or something more on the inside I go for more what's on the inside but let me ask you this if u saw a person what's the first thing that pops into ur head before u go and talk to them. Can u go up to the ugliest person in the bar and just talk to them or give them a chance everyone in the world can be just a little bit shallow wether they admit it or not even I am just a tad bit shallow but it's not the defining factor when I am dating someone

46, just remember that you're the one replying.

Dear, Dlcj22... It's not that your being judged... You just keep contradicting yourself with opinionated responses which makes you sound foolish. You might not be shallow but, your expressing yourself all wrong. Based on you giving girls numbers ( ie 1, 2, 3... 10) whether you date high or low proves to be disrespectful and biased towards women. Oh, and your spelling is bad. Does your Mobil device not auto correct?

85- Quite simply, nobody reads essays on here. This isn't myspace. Sensitive thug, you need a hug?

Yeah my phone auto corrects but it sometimes switches my words to something else that doesn't make sense lol and to madden I'm not a thug u make no sense you keep trying to insult me I'm done with u

Congrats dlcj22 you just made a 53 word sentence. And I took the time to count because doing so was much more interesting than reading your bs.

Wow Madden12 is killing you.. beg for mercy I got one for you tooo -- is your phone switching words or your whole sentences b/c none of what you're saying make sense!!

I'm done with all u idgits!!!! If u want conflict watch Jerry springer or something or go get ur ass kicked in a bar fight

Calling people idiots isn't exactly the way to avoid conflict. You keep contradicting yourself.

94 - You're weird. Cut it out. 98 - Boo hoo. Don't cry too much, you're mascara might streak.

99 - Correction, we are idgits... too simple minded to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and 1s-5s are better than prettier girls and most of all.. we are too simple minded to comprehend the logic behind calling people shallow while reeking of it ourselves.

Wow this guy is still talking? Do u have a life or do u sit and masturbate on ur computer all day?

106- yet another smart ass, poorly constructed argument to inflict upon the masses. Can't tell of trolling or just giant douchebag.

I'm actually a med student at one of the nation's top medical schools. I beg your pardon.. I just felt like pointing out your bullSHhh. I'll stop picking on you now, enjoy the rest of your life person with whom I had a slightly amusing encounter with over the internet.

104- it seems my comments are being eaten =[

Congrats on being a med students but then shouldn't you act more mature and not like a moron

To put it this way; if a woman came up to you and said "I've realized it's soooo much better to date average/not so good looking guys instead of hot guys. Do you wanna go on a date with me?", how would that make you feel? Besides, since everyone has a type (which includes looks), isn't it rather strange to purposely go for someone who's not really "your type"? (and if the "1s,2s,3s" etc that you say really are your type, then you wouldn't be grading them low, because you'd find them beautiful and grade them high instead.)

114 - Lets leave this poor guy alone. 115- I know right.. so mature I should start taking pictures in front of my bat......, nevermind.. I said I would stop. Enjoy man take it easy.

117 it's happened before lol I swear on my life a girl told me that exact same thing not word for word but still the idea was the same lol she said guys that look like u always end up cheating on there gfs even though I have never cheated a day in my life but to be honest I would give any girl a chance

34-Stop it, dude. Just stop, you're getting nowhere.

Obviously your new to this whole trolling thing so you should just leave the internet forever. Madden dude you are the shit and I thank you for early morning laughs. Trollololol

It's a war zone of comments!!

119 - Nice spelling and grammar. P.S, I am judging you.

Can anyone else see Dlcj22 sitting in his office chair, hugging his knees to his chest & rocking back & forth going "How do I salvage this? How do I salvage this?"

I'm not going to judge you by your appearance, I'm going to judge you by the fact that you have the grammar of a six-year-old and that you really think people would ever believe you were in the Spec Ops. I've seen some really fucking stupid COD players, but I think you take the cake sir.

Wow unfortunately I don't even see u serving our country but here's something u should know bitch what the fuck does grammar have anything to do with shooting a fucking gun to protect freedom or to make sure blonds like u don't end up getting bombed by terrorist why the fuck did I enlist as an infantry do get ragged on by some prissy little bitch about some fucking grammar fuck u bitch I enlisted to serve I did my time an got my purple hearts so e.a.d.

I would love to see your prissy little ass in fucking combat after a I.e.d just blew off your friends fucking legs off and ur half disoriented from the shock wave of the explosion in the heart of Kandahar province in Afghanistan u little fucking slut

Can anyone see rose trying the Atkins diet and soon p90x in her house trying to shave off that pig fat of her face and body I sure can

Come on op be positive that guy probably looks for naive girls to have sex with all day he clearly knew you were above that and decided to opt out before you let him down easy

Why because he saw a girl he liked and so he gave her a discount then offered her his number? Maybe they started chatting I don't know how many times when the barista's weren't busy they would ask me about my day and so on cause they are always friendly. He Probably thought she was interesting and thought here's my chance to find a girl that could be mrs. Right. I don't know but OP shouldn't be pissed she should be giggling with her girlfriend about how she got a free coffee which is awesome.

Him hitting on the girl isn't so bad. Him hitting on the girl in front of her friend shows a lack of class.

230, Not at all, it shows he takes advantage of situations as they present themselves and goes for what he wants. Why would he miss an opportunity just because someone is with her? The only thing he could have done is covered the cost of hers too just because she's the friend of the girl he's after - which would probably give him a few brownie points. But of course if it wasn't obvious they were together then, good for him. I mean really, it's not like he knows if he will see this girl again, who just passes up on the opportunity cos her friend is there?

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand the logic behind this comment. How does OP deserve it? And if OP is the "ugly friend", how is she helping her friend get guys? If anything, guys would stay away from both of them. (OP, I'm not calling you ugly, just hypothesizing the events that would unfold if you were.)

How in the world did you come down to that conclusion?

Or just maybe their really good friends.

How does being ugly get other people dates? Seriously, think before you post.

Maybe because next to OP, the friend looks more attractive? Not saying I agree with the comment, but I'm just trying to make sense of it.

@vulpixvixen24, Because all guys do an extensive comparative analysis before hitting on a girl. That's why girls always go places in groups. They always make sure that there's someone with them who compares worse in looks, income, or whatever category the guy might check. After the guy's done running through his computer, a result pops out on which chick he should bust a move on. /sarcasm filter off/

Oh man I'm gonna burn for this but... "If your stripper nicknamed Porscha and you get tips from many men. Then your fat friend, her nickname is Minivan"

Copy pasted a lyric from Kanye West - Diamonds from Sierra Leone. That is how his lyrics are. Go correct him, yeezy.

No it's your because you're doesn't make any sense when reading the comment... Or am I the only one who thinks this..

I think I'm in love with you.

210- the first "your" should be you're, because it should be "if you're a stripper nicknamed Porscha". The second "your" was right.

Maybe it was a possessive your because there was no a after your. You put the a in there. Just sayin. . .