By firstdategonebad - 12/10/2012 18:43 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I went on a coffee date with the man I've been in love with for a while. Before I knew what was going on, he'd started chatting up a pretty girl sitting nearby. I had to drink my coffee alone while he got her number. FML
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You didn't stand up for yourself? I'm not saying he has to like you back, but shit... he could at least be respectful.


Judging by how this all played out it was a "Coffee Date" by your standards. He probally just wanted to go out for coffee with a friend, unless he mentioned it for a date. Either way FYL fellow akward penguin.

tjv3 10

Did he know it was a date or did he think it was just 2 friends hanging out? If you didn't make it clear it was a date YDI. If you made it clear the FYL.

K_kanaka 26

And the friend zone claims another one yet again.

unknown_user5566 26

You didn't stand up for yourself? I'm not saying he has to like you back, but shit... he could at least be respectful.

Maybe he didn't know how she felt. They could have very well just been going as friends, and she just had a secret crush. Not his fault for not assuming his friend loves him.

When your already nervous about something like trying to leave the best impression you can with a person you like its either gonna be really good or not good at all. This was one of those times where it didn't go well because OP couldn't take the conversation back it really sucks when it happens too! Kylee if you would've stood up and told the person to piss off kudos to you cause I probably wouldn't.

I could think better with comments I understand. What does Sh......t have to do with a valid observation? Right, she should have calmly removed herself from his presence (pedrotall)

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I would've asked, "By the way, how is that herpes you got from those prostitutes you had sex with last night?" And the left

iOceanus 18

How incredibly immature of you to even propose that idea.

Even if he didn't know it was a date, it was a little rude to leave the person he was hanging out with to try to flirt with a stranger.

Maybe it was a little rude but not unacceptable to many friends. Think about it, if you're out with a mate, do you get enraged if he/she pauses to chat up someone? It's hanging out, not an escort/bodyguard service. If he didn't think they were on an actual date, I don't think he did anything wrong so long as he said "excuse me for a moment" before talking to the girl. OP, if you want a real date, ask him out on a real date. Use the word "date". If he is rude and inattentive on the real date, then you know a little more about your beloved, don't you?

you never know, he could have been setting up you all for a awesome threesome.

I swear in every FML that has anything to do with dating/romance, there's always that one person that's like "LOLOL THREESOME X-D!"

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5 - So many things wrong with your sentence! It's hurting my brain D:

alexhaz64 4

Seems like you could've warned this other girl somehow that he's low enough to ignore you on a date. I'm sure you could've convinced her not to give him her number.

alexhaz64 4

After releasing the FML, it sounds like this was a very casual outing. I guess he's just not into you.

Minx108 12

Would it make him any less of a selfish jerk if they was just friends having coffee? Who takes a friend to coffee to only isolate them entirely? Op I'd suggest redefining you're idea of love, doesn't sound you've spent enough time with him to know him very well. Unless his behaviour that day was out of character.

Wow if he knew it was actually a date then has my vote for douchebag of the day.

iipinkette 16

Its okay, he definitely isn't worth it if he wouldn't pay attention to you!

Well as long as you got a free coffee out of it I see no issues.. You should have gone up to the girl and bought her a drink, stole her away from him. Double cockblocked, and you could've made a new friend! :)

You shouldn't just have sat there and took it. He is obviously a waste of your time. you should have left before he noticed