By offended - 14/06/2012 08:11 - United States - East Hampton

Today, I was out to coffee with an extremely attractive friend. A crazy man came up to the window we were facing. He took one look at her, then turned to me with a big, congratulatory smile, flashing me a thumbs-up. Then he turned to her, frowned disappointedly and gave a thumbs-down. FML
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Just your friendly neighborhood hobo. But honestly what an asshole to give her the thumbs down, I'm sure you're a pretty decent bloke op. FYL.

Haha I wonder if she listened to his advice


You can't laugh it off. OP is being called ugly and that his friend shouldn't be around him. If that was me well I can say some serious shit would go down.

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if anyone cared to notice the details, it was OP's friend who got the thumbs down, not OP

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Do you know what also "sucks"? Your God damn spelling.

The friend got the thumb down referring to the friend

37- yeah, the friend got the thumbs down from the crazy man at the window, because he was saying, "your date is -thumbs down-". As in, OP is not good enough for the friend he was having coffee with. Geddit? I sure hope so.

31- That would make you angry? Comeon, take a joke! It makes life more fun to laugh at yourself :)

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I think it's VERY nice that the "crazy" man treated OPs friend like a human not just an object. She got the thumbs down because he obviously assumed they were more than friends. He was saying she could do better. I'm sorry you're not as attractive as your friend, OP, but who cares? Looks aren't everything; you aren't actually dating; and it was a funny JOKE! Don't take yourself so seriously.

Haha I wonder if she listened to his advice

OP said she's just a friend so it should be a non-issue. No good friend ditches another because some random stranger finds him unattractive.

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Wtf #3... Well, you said it urself OP, she is good looking. Lol crazy man aint so crazy after all!

Just your friendly neighborhood hobo. But honestly what an asshole to give her the thumbs down, I'm sure you're a pretty decent bloke op. FYL.

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#4 and #46 - It says "crazy man", not hobo.

You're an Australian. We say arse, not ass. I hate the next generation of Australians. They're butchering the language.

I can't think if anything witty or creative to say, so I'm just gonna say: Damn that sucks. FYL

The excitement of being commented number five.

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Not surprised that a brony has nothing funny to say

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Bite your tongue, Leprechan! Bronys rule! Useless comment, yes, but don't get down on the Ponys.

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If you can't think of anything witty, you might want to consider NOT ******* COMMENTING

Haha thats actually really funny! Just laugh it off.

It's not very funny at all... If some random guy came up to you and said "you're ugly" you would be offended. This particular guy just expressed his feelings by action instead of by saying it out loud. P.S. You're 3 minutes late.

51- they blocked the input of new comments for some reason. But also, yesterday it really seemed as if you were saying the way other countries spell certain words (especially England, Canada, and anywhere else that happens to spell color as colour and gray as grey) is totally wrong because it's not The American Way. I've grown up in Canada all my life, and we've always spelled it C-O-L-O-U-R. Canadians don't tell YOU that YOU'RE wrong for spelling it c-o-l-o-r, because, I guess, most of us have the decency to recognize cultural differences when we see them; NOT pointing out those cultural differences as "spelling mistakes".

I'm sorry but that is freaking hilarious. Good luck though, hope it ends well.

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I guess these days "honest and assertive" is called "crazy." The "crazy man" is just pointing out what everyone who sees you two thinks.

You're actually spot on, perdix. He came to one of your Zumba sessions a few days ago; he's a very good critic. I invited him to come again next week. I don't know about branch space, though.

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maybe if you have bought him coffee that thumbs down may have been a thumbs up.

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you should have pointed to yourself with money in hand and thumbs up to you. to him point with no money thumbs down. lol