By joanikens - 26/03/2016 19:02 - United States - Buena Park

Today, I'm a barista at Starbucks. When my crush walked in and asked how much his coffee would cost, I said a date. He said he'd rather pay for the coffee. FML
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Chin up OP! I heard he listens to Nickelback while doing cross fit... You're better off without him ?


Chin up OP! I heard he listens to Nickelback while doing cross fit... You're better off without him ?

So, were you stalking OP's crush, or did you just come up with that on the fly? lol

Wizardo 33

I heard he tell people he vapes whilst standing next to then at an empty urinal.

Maybe he takes a picture of himself vaping by the urinal, then he goes to crossfit and asks people to look at this photograph.

How dare you insult crossfit you peasant!

amaindayyy46 20

I love Nickelback, I will never understand why people hate them.

I've never understood the hate either - sounds like a bandwagon type thing

At least you know that he's not interested and you can spend your time chasing someone worth your time :)

Why is it that if someone rejects a date, they're automatically "Not worth their time"? Their worth doesn't drop just because they aren't interested in you.

Because if they're not into you, it's pointless to waste your time.

That's what I meant Rebecca, not that he's not worth ANYONES time, just that he's not worth OPs time..

Mathalamus 24

you try to be clever, and it backfires. lesson learned here: dont try to be clever...

Hell no. OP should keep that cleverness and confidence where it is. That takes guts to say something like that and OP should keep those.

Mathalamus 24

being all clever and confident only gets you horribly crushed. especially since you are working, and you need to work, not flirt with the customers...

How about YOU sit down and not be clever, 37, while the rest of us have some fun in our lives?

"being all clever and confident only gets you horribly crushed" as opposed to what, being unintelligent and timid? XD Just because rejection is always a possibility doesn't mean we should never take a chance. In any case, once OP decides to let the cat out of the bag she has to be prepared to take whatever reaction she gets, but if she has a thick enough skin, she's allowed to take a risk here and there and pick herself up when she falls, isn't she? Not up to you what she can or can't take.

He didn't have to be so rude about it, sorry OP.

I didn't think he was rude at all. what would have been rude was saying yes and then standing her up.

Sk8brdmenace 17

That dudes got a gf or is a complete dick. Neither of which u want. I'd of said yes, for sure

How is he a dick for not wanting a date? He's not obliged to go on a date with OP just because she asked

I think #8 meant that yes he has the right to reject her but he could have been more polite.

Um just because a guy doesn't want to go out with you doesn't make him a dick.

nellyphant 18

A date costs a lot more than a coffee, maybe he's not got a lot of money

hellobobismyname 24

Usually, whoever asks for the date also pays for the date.

mwali02 32

He's getting coffee at Starbucks. I'm sure he's got cash somewhere if he wanted to date. OP, don't be discouraged. We like your style. It will work on the right person! Hang in there! :)

You can be proud for actually asking (woman empowerment!). You tried, now you know, now you can move on, because hell he's a dick. Don't have any regrets!

Why is he a dick for not wanting to go on a date with OP? I don't think the way he turned her down was that bad either. I wouldn't know how to replay to that without saying something along the line of what he did.

Way to try to be a feminist and then drag down a guy in the process. You know, because feminism doesn't have enough of a man-hating rap as it is.

Man-hating ? I think he's a dick because he could have just said "Sorry, but no thank you." and then pay. I don't like the way he rejected her. Don't worry that crush being a male or female doesn't change how I feel about that response.

tantanpanda 26

The fml didn't quote him, so he probably didn't say that. For all you know, he could have said "sorry, I think I'll just pay for my coffee instead", and OP is just relaying the event as him saying he'd rather pay for the coffee. Try to save face if you want. It's ok to call a guy a dick, but totally not to call a girl a bitch. mkay.

Fair point, I actually thought he'd said that, so I take it back. I've nothing against calling a woman a bitch, so I don't see why I would have a problem calling a man a dick.

#72 I don't know why your last two comments are getting downvoted - your reasoning is understandable and you are clarifying it - I don't agree with the first calling him a dick but I think your point of not having regrets is a good one, but I don't see why your later explanations are getting downvoted.

Maybe he got flustered and didn't even know what he replied... In an alternate FML world "Today, the cute barista I always see at Starbucks asked me out on a date. I panicked and rejected her, I think I screwed my chances, FML'

That's the most optimistic response I've read in years haha

He's drinking overpriced coffee at Starbucks, he obviously can afford a date. He's just not that into you. (he's probably also scared that if it goes bad he's going to have to find a new Starbucks.)