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No, he deserved it because he was basically asking someone out to make fun of them. It's bad enough he calls her the ugliest girl in school. She's probably nice and goes for guys who aren't insensitive jerks. OP probably has one of the ugliest personalities in his school.

  humorizer  |  14

Excuse me, but most of us are writing from the (crappy) country called the USA, where our law allows us to speak as we wish (unless it's against the government or other powerful agencies). So we have the right to chat if we want. Unless the French fml owners decide to revoke that permission.

  Monado  |  0

First off, you are providing your rights for support but still bad-mouth the country. In a way, you love the rights you are given but call it crap. Then you don't consider how the "WORLD Wide web" is not only relation to America. Lastly, what you said has nothing to do with his previous post. You are just replying complete Off Topic to the comment you're replying to. Meaning you are abusing the reply button by doing so.

Edit: Don't be intolerable against the French.


Yes he did.

Imagine if that had been your sister and some other jackass had done the same thing. Not nice right? She rejected you because she probably knew it was a joke and is used to shallow bastards like yourself making her life just that more difficult.

Get some morals and stop judging on looks.

  gummybear1996  |  13

She probably didn't know it was a joke, but simply said no because she didn't like the op. Just because someone is unattractive doesn't mean they will go out with whoever asks them. She obviously has higher standards than that

  dragon_fml  |  0

lol, my friend's name is actually "Karma"..poor guy, everyone going around abusing the word. xD;;

and of course the girl has standards or knew this was a joke. good for her. :)


I agree. It's a terrible thing to do. Just because they're supposedly "ugly" doesn't mean they're idiots. Honestly.

And calling her "ugly" is an asshole move too. So she's not pretty to YOU. Maybe she is to someone else.

  Ms_Thingie  |  0

Maybe he is a loser and even ugly people don't go out with asssholes and it's really annoying when guys think they r hot and any girl would go out with them that is just stupid like seriously WTF