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Today, my friend and I gave our numbers to some guys at a bar. Twenty minutes after we had left, we got a call. We excitedly answered the phone, only to hear the guy ask, "So are you the fat one or the ugly one?" FML
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That's harsh and bitchy of them, but that's what happens when you hand out your phone number to random douchebags at bars.


Dont worry OP, if your fat you can work out and eat healthier and such to fix that. You just can't fix ugly. Btw face reconstruction does not look good.

This happened to me once... I was the ugly moronic pro choice argument one...

Magic1 9

Don't worry! Hopefully they were just saying atupid drunk stuff. There are others out there though! :P

SesameSpeed 7

They're probably just self centered frat douches. I'm pretty sure you and your friend looked just fine. :)

once I called a girl from a bar and asked if she ate mandarins with or without the skin and she just giggled

I'm guessing that your the fat one, and the ugly one was really just your beer gut. This would explain a few things.

you can lose weight but you cant lose ugly. u hope you' re the fat one.

aimeesea75 16

*you're As in, you're illiterate.

One of them is attracted to ugly women. The other is a chubby chaser.

It's not winning; it's EPIC winning.

Please don't use the word epic, it makes you sound like a massive tool

futurepharmer 6

snaps for the dumbass using what is probably the most overused phrase of the decade. and i agree, anyone that uses the word epic is a tool.

you should then respond "are you the ugly one or the ugly one".

^ are you the metrosexual or the one with a tiny dick? Is better suited.

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Op, you should have replied " I'm the one you have no chance with you freak " :)

People don't respect honesty these days.

58, not the best tough talking there as you were the same loser who gave them your number.

As soon as I read "gave our numbers" I hit YDI.

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116- what does that have to do with replying to this comment?

116 has herpes leave them's a sad and lonely life

That's harsh and bitchy of them, but that's what happens when you hand out your phone number to random douchebags at bars.

Yea Op. You deserve it for expecting to meet quality guys at a bar.

And all they got was her and the friends number.. Clearly they're yet to discover the "Does this cloth smell like chloroform?" line yet. Results guaranteed.

Way to be original by stealing that line from a movie. Psych

Twenty minutes later? Sounds like those two were desperate. Don't feel bad OP, they won't be getting laid anytime soon :)

gptrash420 0

no, they will be.. but probably by the ugly one.

it's has been my experience that men would prefer to **** a chick with a face so ugly it looks like a dog that just got out of a fight and smashed it's face in a pile of it's own shit then a bigger girl with a beautiful face. I don't understand it, and it's one of the reasons why I'm such a bitch

^ not all men are like that. So don't blame men for you being a bitch.

SimpleMinds_fml 7

You can put a bag over her head... I haven't heard of a bag large enough to fit the morbidaly obese women of this great nation.

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I agree with number 6. But, I'm sorry that that happened to you!

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You should say, "I am your mother." Whatta dick. -_-

No, she should have replied, "Wait you want to know if I am you mother or your sister".

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Mom jokes were funny in the fourth grade. C'mon.

So, you're admitting they where funny. :D

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