By brannonjames - 10/05/2012 22:20 - United States

Today, I was getting coffee with my aunt, and she asked me to pay. She then turned to the Barista and said, "He's never had a girlfriend before, and I wanted to show him that they take your money." The Barista laughed so hard she had to excuse herself. FML
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and that's when you should have said; "and this is why you're on your third husband" regardless if she really is or not!

And they embarrass you. Hmm... I think as long as you don't date your aunt out anyone like her you should be fine.


Wait your aunt is he?

Your aunt is a he?

Is your aunt some sort of sex changing shapeshifter by any chance?

Dafuq? I'm so confused...

lol yeah your def not getting a girl with your aunt around!!

I knew I wasn't the only one who had caught that!

Sorry wrong FML. Ignore my comment

Whatever, OP got aunt-pwned; he better watch his back, but well-played Aunt Flo!

Yeah I think he definitely knows that and won't use his aunt as a wingwoman or something.

6- You're "def" not getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by using a diminutive for definitely. It's not that hard to spell out. Plus, I'm sure he was just hanging out with his aunt for one day. I doubt he does it on a regular basis.

Although I feel that the grandma could transition in such a way to get OP the girl with her epicness, that is, if she wanted to.

35 - Actually, considering the younger crowd these days, he's probably better off writing in that way. Cuz dey all type lyk dis ya no????

I always thought aunt flo was a euphamism (sp?) for being on your period...

52) There are too many vowels in your last sentence..

52-I'm 16. I am the 1% when it comes to grammar as far as the Internet goes.

Depends on the aunt. Maybe some aunts are good wingmen.

Don't flatter yourself kid. You get confused. Nobody is the 1% of anything. So stop being a pretentious idiot and gain some modesty. And I do realise this is late.

Obviously a typo which I am sure will be fixed.

There was a typo originally in the FML. It has been fixed.

And they embarrass you. Hmm... I think as long as you don't date your aunt out anyone like her you should be fine.

I especially agree with not dating your aunt. Just putting it out there OP; 1) I think that may be illegal 2) Think of the children, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children 3) That's plain fucked up.

OP can marry his aunt, as long as she isn't gay.

That's when you look at all the people who are surely now staring and loudly exclaim, "It's alright, the doctors said these outburst are a result of her late midlife crisis. Turning 55 is a bitch."

Dafuq I'm so confused...

It's ok Snooki, we don't expect much more!

Oh I get it now haha. I used my cuca instead of my brain this time. The aunt made a point that bitches be stealin money from boyfriends.

Yupp spot on you got it!

Couldn't have explained it better myself

Why are you sorry? Are you the OP's Aunt? If not, than please place foot in mouth.