By brannonjames - United States
Today, I was getting coffee with my aunt, and she asked me to pay. She then turned to the Barista and said, "He's never had a girlfriend before, and I wanted to show him that they take your money." The Barista laughed so hard she had to excuse herself. FML
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6- You're "def" not getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by using a diminutive for definitely. It's not that hard to spell out. Plus, I'm sure he was just hanging out with his aunt for one day. I doubt he does it on a regular basis.

  Chaosaiyan  |  6

Don't flatter yourself kid. You get confused.
Nobody is the 1% of anything. So stop being a pretentious idiot and gain some modesty.

And I do realise this is late.

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I especially agree with not dating your aunt. Just putting it out there OP; 1) I think that may be illegal 2) Think of the children, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children 3) That's plain fucked up.

  shanemaximo  |  7

That's when you look at all the people who are surely now staring and loudly exclaim, "It's alright, the doctors said these outburst are a result of her late midlife crisis. Turning 55 is a bitch."