By ilovepancakes - United States - Rolling Meadows
Today, after talking to the man whose car I scratched, we agreed that the damages and cost of repair were so low and instead of me paying I just buy him coffee. When I showed up he saw me, decided I was too ugly to have coffee with, and instead demanded full payment in cash. FML
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  thatweirdasian  |  22

I had to look up what "DW" stands for, lol. But how is it dodging a bullet when OP now has to pay for the damages instead of just paying for coffee? They weren't on a date or anything.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

What a jerk! Especially if op went out of her way to leave a note (which is what sounds like happened). Most people would've left asap instead of leaving a note claiming responsibility; and then this guy acts like that, total jerk. Hand over the money, and hopefully you never have to be around that guy again; he, unfortunately, has to live with himself and eventually that'll be hard to do. It's a shame that the saying, "no good deed goes unpunished" tends to be so true.

By  mooman36  |  15

I'm guessing he was single and hoping that something more might come of this coffee date.

The good news is since the cost was low it hopefully hasn't set you back much.

By  Bobby319  |  24

I wouldn't pay him a thing until he actually gets an estimate from a repair shop so that he doesn't try and rip you off

By  arano  |  29

Legally he can't do a damn thing. He has to report it when it happens. Tell him he's a dumbass and should've just had you repair it to begin with.

By  kipps_1  |  6

Make him get an estimate and report what happened. He could always lie about how much the cost of repairs will be. Also, you could pay him the cash and he could always come back later through a more legal route and demand money. Since you don't have anything documented, you'll be legally obligated to pay him even though you had already given him money. Or he could harass you to keep giving him money, and if you eventually have to go to the police, they wouldn't be able to do crap other than maybe having you issue a restraining order or something since you don't have anything documented. I know this is a lot of 'worse case scenario' shenanigans, but this guy is a stranger and you don't know how he will act. Wading through papers and documentation can be inconvenient, but it can protect you from a lot.